Crypto And NFT Slang Terms You Need To Stay Ahead On The Lingo

Max Yurva

It barely matters if you are a beginner or an expert. This industry moves quickly, and you must be fluent in the jargon used by the industry. The cryptocurrency and NFT groups get their own jargon, and this dictionary will assist you in understanding it. Look no further! A dictionary of multiple terms is available here to enable you to survive in the crypto assets field like a professional. Acronyms are also commonly employed, and this section contains all the acronyms, slang, and vocabulary.

1/1 of x

Unfortunately, it is not a mathematical issue. 1/1 of x denotes one noteworthy NFT from a set of X NFTs. CryptoPunks, for instance, is a compilation of 10,000 tokens, all of which are distinctive.

1:1 Art

Because it is much more uncommon as well as distinctive, the cost of each unit stunning piece of NFT by an individual is much higher than the cost of such a large selection.


Art Blocks It appears that there is a certain misunderstanding about Art Blocks—it does not relate to an NFT gallery or a form of NFT artwork. Art Blocks, in reality, is a visual arts system based on the Ethereum blockchain which creates, trades, as well as saves creative artwork.


ADA is the acronym for the local digital coin of the Cardano blockchain technology, which has been introduced in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, who co-founded the Ethereum forum.


An airdrop is the free distribution of crypto coins/tokens/NFTs to various payment locations. Several NFT initiatives can distribute free associate NFTs to initial NFT collectors. Furthermore, it may be utilized as an advertising medium for cryptocurrency-based initiatives in order to increase interest as well as fresh subscribers. For instance, NFT selection “Bored Ape Yacht Club” owners got airdrop of a “mutant serum,” allowing individuals to manufacture a complimentary Mutant Ape inside the image of its natural shape, which may be freely exchanged.



AMA is an acronym meaning “ask me anything,” and has been used among persons who really are preparing for a meeting in which the environment may request them whatever issue they have. Many NFT initiatives offer online AMA segments on a periodic basis to ensure interaction with respective NFT owners.

Ape In 

Ape in is commonly used to describe individuals that acquire a fresh NFT or currency sans conducting any thorough research or study. The ‘apes together, strong’ quip began everything really. Nevertheless, it’s often advisable not to participate in whatsoever initiatives without first conducting a thorough study and comprehension of what you might be purchasing! If you’re a real degen (degen is defined beneath)!


Degen is an acronym meaning “degenerate,” so it generally confines to persons who frequently take hazardous and unwise bets. This could relate to persons who engage in crypto assets such as NFTs sans conducting some research.

Copy Cat

Initially referring to someone who duplicates some other individual’s thoughts, looks, or behaviour, it now applies to a blow initiative that replicates an even more famous initiative within the NFT realm.


DEX is an acronym representing decentralized exchange. The possession of the currencies is entirely retained by the exchanges in a regulated market. A decentralized exchange, on the other hand, is a peer-to-peer platform wherein buyers and sellers interact immediately amongst cryptocurrency dealers even without an intermediary. Crypto Genius and Uniswap are two well-known DEX instances.


It means “do your own research.” When making an investment in just about any commodity, it is often a fine decision to DYOR! “We began a new NFT venture yesterday evening, and we’ve seen a lot of promise.” DYOR, tho.”


Flipping is the practice of purchasing products at minimal costs as well as swiftly trading them for a gain. Flipping is growing common in the NFT arena, where individuals accumulate and trade NFTs for a fast buck, particularly in the initial phases of initiatives when the price goes up.

The Floor Is Lava

The phrase “Floor is lava” is derived from a game in which children resist contacting the ground at any and all times. It has also become a catchphrase that individuals were using to characterize the stuff we want to prevent in reality. In the NFT universe, “floor” is shorthand for “floor price,” hence “floor is lava” implies “resist the cheaper cost,” implying that the floor price is increasing.


GMI is an acronym meaning “gonna make it.” It is to illustrate the given outcomes in which our capital skyrockets as well as provide incredible profits.

Summing Up

Now you have some essential, some inessential, and downright silly terminology to help you remain calm in the NFT realm! We’re confident this listing isn’t exhaustive, therefore if you notice anything that doesn’t sound right, kindly do not even fear to approach us or even other nice folks on Twitter as well as Discord for an explanation.

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