Crime and Punishment is becoming a movie starring David Harbour

Max Yurva

One of my favorite movie categories is sports documentaries. 30 for 30 Sets pretty high standards for the genre, and in its wake we’re lucky to have epic stories last dance; The dark side of athletics, like Netflix’s bad sport; and a truly engaging story from the anchor’s original series unknown. There are a few great episodes unknown, But it makes perfect sense why it was just announced Unknown: Crimes and Punishments It’s the one they’re making into a movie. This documentary has it all: Thugs! A spoiled rich kid just because of a million dollar sports team! Violence! rubbish truck!

Crime and Punishment It begins with a man named Richard Brosal, a former commissioner of the United Hockey League, the minor league division of professional hockey, discussing the first time he met Jimmy Galante with his son AJ. Jimmy, a wealthy, well-connected businessman who owns a large trash-hauling company, decided to make a stand for his 17-year-old son, AJ. Brosal, a sort of stand-in for the audience, a regular guy who just tried to do his job and let the His league stayed on top, and he said his first impression of AJ was, “He looks like a punk. Dad bought his 17-year-old son a hockey team and he can do whatever he wants with it.”

Moments later, when we viewers meet AJ for the first time, all you can think about is “This kid and his shit-eating smile are going to kill me.” He’s powerful and arrogant. He looks like, you know, a typical brother, except this brother happens to own a full professional hockey team. But when he took over as team manager, he named the team The Danbury Trasher in honor of the trash-hauling company his father founded, and it turned out he was actually a pretty good leader. I mean, if he pays all the players cash under the table, encourages them to be cruel to their opponents (and referees), and his closest confidant is a guy named T-Bone who chews a cigar and obviously has a lot Capable of something illegal? Because guess what? The Danbury community loves this team.

Unknown: Crime and Punishment (2021)
Photo: Netflix

It’s an unlikely success story, and in the end, even AJ seems like a good egg. Even Brosal had a crush on Galantes, even though they sent him to hell. But of course, it all has to fall apart, which in this story happens when the FBI destroys Old Galant in an organized crime raid and the team closes the store.

In the newly announced version of the film, titled Garbage man, David Harbour will play Jimmy Gallant.Cooper Raiff will direct from the script billions Writer Adam R. Perlman. There’s no word yet on who will play the story’s lead, AJ Galante, but the real AJ will be the film’s associate producer.

Is it necessary to make a movie about trash people?I mean, the documentary is perfect, and a really wild lineup of characters (most notably the aforementioned T-Bone, and the athletes on the team, named “Wingnut”, “One-Eyed Willy” “,” and “Nigerian Nightmare”) really need no improvement. You can ask the same question Miraclethe Kurt Russell film about the 1980 Olympic gold medal-winning U.S. men’s hockey team, it turns out, yes, I think the world is a better place Miracle in it, so I’ll make some room in my heart Garbage manand also.

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