Control Z Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Much More

Shilpa Paul

Control Z is a Mexican teen drama that grabbed audiences with its intriguing story portrayal. The fans of the 1st season are waiting for any sort of leaked information or mysteries about the 2nd season of Control Z’s release date and more.

Control Z Season 2

Release Date of Control Z Season 2

There are many reasons to be enthusiastic about this Netflix original, and the expectation for the forthcoming season is high, especially among those who found the 1st season very entertaining. The 2nd season of Control Z is set to be released in the summer of this year. Subscribers who enjoyed the first batch of entries should mark their calendars for the 2nd series which will premiere on 11 August 2022 on Netflix.

The Cast of Control Z Season 2

The characters from the 1st season of Control Z are expected to return for its 2nd season as well. The cast includes Ana Valeria Becerril, Samantha Acua, Patricio Gallardo, Michael Ronda, Yankel Stevan, Fiona Palomo, and, Zion Moreno.

Moreover, we do have a trailer to go along with its release date. Netflix announced the release date on YouTube around two weeks ago, along with a music video that serves as its release date announcement. The video read, “You can’t bury the past, but the past may bury you.” Here’s the trailer-

What’s the Plot of Control Z Season 2?

Although there is no information regarding the storyline of the upcoming season, however, we do have a little idea about it based on its trailer. The story of the 2nd season may follow Luis’ death, after which an unknown person controls all of his social media accounts and threatens retaliation against people who made his life a living hell.

Control Z Season 2

Luis also made a video to deliver Gerry, which is most likely the reason for this. Sofia is the one who must figure out who is to blame. In contrast, she is on the hunt for Gerry. The preview showed how the show’s heroes deal with issues, with many interesting twists and turns.

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