Consecrate yourself today to Saint Joseph with this beautiful prayer

Jasjot Singh

Today, March 19, prayers are raised to heaven to celebrate Saint Joseph, adoptive father of Jesus.

One of them is the consecration prayer composed in 2012 by the Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon (France), Mons. Dominique Rey.

In it the Prelate consecrates the “priests, deacons, consecrated persons, all the families and all the inhabitants” of his diocese to the Holy Custodian of the Family of Nazareth.

In the prayer, Bishop Rey highlights the defense of life, from conception to natural death; and he encourages the sanctification of work along with the rise of new witnesses to the Gospel.

Below is the adaptation of the beautiful prayer so that it can be prayed by all the faithful.

Prayer of consecration to Saint Joseph

Lord Jesus, we come to request the help and protection of Saint Joseph, to entrust his paternal concern to our Church, its priests, its deacons, its consecrated persons, all families and all its members.

Saint Joseph, chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, helps couples rediscover the fervor of their first love and the grace of the sacrament with which they gave themselves to each other. Assist them to overcome conflicts, open them to reciprocal forgiveness.

We entrust sterile couples to your paternal request. Protect the engaged in their desire to give themselves to each other, in respect for each other and in all freedom. May your heart open wide to welcome the children who will be born of your love.

Saint Joseph, adoptive father of Jesus in Bethlehem, teach us to defend human life from conception. We entrust to you all the beings who have been murdered in the womb of their mothers, the anguish of mothers, the tragic unconsciousness of those who have had an abortion.

You who have protected Jesus from the massacre of the Holy Innocents, make us and our authorities be protectors of human life. Protect orphans and children from the violent and twisted behavior of adults.

Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of a good death, make us prepare to meet the Lord with all peace of mind the day he calls us to leave this earth. Free our society from the deadly temptation to practice or promote euthanasia and suicide.

Saint Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, we introduce you to each of our families. We implore you, by the example of your courage and docility to the Holy Spirit, that we faithfully and wisely assume the educational and family responsibilities entrusted to you.

We ask that we can teach the faith to our children beginning with our way of life. Through the prayer of Saint Joseph, Lord, bless all families on earth, bless all communities, bless and protect our country.

Saint Joseph, in the time of trial, we remember that you found the Child Jesus after several days of anxiously searching for him. In the hour of doubt and in the midst of discouragement, come to our aid to seek Christ without ceasing and find him.

We entrust to your intercession the situation of persecuted Christians, in particular those of the Middle East, protect them from all forms of terrorism, violence and civil war in Syria.

Saint Joseph, prudent servant of Jesus and Mary on the routes of the exodus, make us close to the excluded, the wanderers, the foreigners. Help us to understand that love knows no borders and that each of us is responsible for our brothers and sisters.

Saint Joseph, humble craftsman from Galilee, we entrust to you our profession, with which and for which we work, we also entrust to you those who do not have a job or resources.

Teach us to sanctify ourselves and to sanctify the Lord through our work. Help us share its fruits. And to you who covered the material needs of the Holy Family, we put under your gaze the temporal life of our families, our communities and our dioceses.

Saint Joseph, doctor of silence in the following of Jesus, we present to you the missionary vitality of our Church, of our parishes, of our families, of our communities.

We earnestly implore you to raise up a new generation of witnesses to the Gospel. Through your prayer, raise up priestly and religious vocations.

Support the fidelity of the people who have consecrated themselves through the evangelical counsels as well as the missionary commitment of the families in the heart of our world.

Saint Joseph, on this day, we consecrate you to the Church, our families and our communities, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You can find the original prayer in French HERE.

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