Complaint for a transvestism workshop aimed at 6-year-old children paid for with public money

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers requests very precautionary measures from the Contentious Administrative Court of Barcelona to prevent a transvestism workshop from taking place in the town of Tarrasa (Spain) aimed at children from 6 years of age.

The activity is part of the Tarrasa New Trends Festival (TNT) which is held in the Catalan town and is scheduled for the weekend of October 1 and 2 next.

From Christian Lawyers it is ensured that the workshop “violates the right to protection of youth and childhood, the right of parents to decide on the education of their children and the duty of the Administration to be neutral”.

In this way, it warns that the transvestism workshops suppose “irreparable damage to minors and an adherence and ideological imposition by a Public Administration through morally controversial activities.”

These activities, they denounce, can lead to “confusion of the sexual self-perception of minors, gender dysphoria and other problems related to mental health.”

“Introduce gender flexibility”

The workshop “Drag Kids!” directed by the artist Sara Manubens, is presented in the official program of the festival as “a Intergenerational transvestism workshop aimed at families with children from six to twelve years old” in which “three Drag Queens will join us in asking us what body we would like to build for ourselves”.

“For this new body we will invent a new name, we will draw a face and we will choose the clothes”, continues the official information, which does not hide the indoctrinating intention: “It is not about asking ourselves big questions, but about play and introduce the issue of gender flexibility from plasticity and transvestism”.

The president of Christian Lawyers, Poland Castellanos, denounces that “politicians use their position to impose their ideology, even violating our fundamental rights.”

“This type of action should lead to the disqualification of the person responsible,” he says, because “parents have the right to decide on the education that our children receive. These activities are not only not educational, but can constitute a crime,” he concludes.

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