Clerks Season 3 What We Can Expect?

Lakshay Saini

Clerks is a series of films which are old era based films. This film series is based on comedy, drama, and romance. The star cast and directors of this film series have been one of the top-notch players in their genres. This film series consists of 2 films till now and the 3rd one is all set to make a comeback on big screens. Fans of this film series are certainly active and now waiting desperately to see their favorite film back in action. The first film of this series was released in 1994 and has made a pretty good amount of profit. The 2nd film of this series was also a hit and made a good amount of profit. Makers are expecting to get a decent amount of profit from this upcoming film. Check out this article to get all the information grading the 3rd film of this series.

Let’s Recap

In the previous films of this series, the two friends, the lead character of the film, has been playing the role of clerks in a mall. The day-to-day life of the lead character was depicted by the makers handling the customers. The first film contains the basic introduction of the characters along with some twists and suspense. The comedy timing of the star cast was amazing throughout the film. Fans around the globe have watched the movie due to the brilliant acting skills and comedy timing of the star cast. Thi upcoming part of this series is expected to be a big hit.

The Clerks 3

Expected Cast and Release Date

Back in time when the 2nd film of the series got released, the makers had now thought about making the 3rd part. As time goes, things change and makers are willing to create another masterpiece. According to some announcements, the shooting of this film will start in August this year. The exact release date of this film is not declared by the makers till now. Fans have to wait for some more time to get any official notifications regarding the release date of this film. Speaking about the star cast, no one expects the maker, and the cast knows who is going to be in the movies as actors. Some fan theories are roaming about the same cast as the previous films but we have to wait to see what is going to happen.

Expected Fan Plotline

At the end of the 2nd film of this series, no one had planned or expected to see the 3rd part of the film. That’s why the storyline of this upcoming film is pretty hard to predict. No one knows till now what is going to be presented this time by the makers. We have to wait for the trailer at least to see some hints of the storyline. We can predict that the film is going to be a big hit and an exciting one to watch.

Clerks 3


The release date of this film is not declared yet by the makers. fans have to wait for some more time to see any official news. We all are pretty excited to see this series come back in action. We all can expect to see amazing content full of comedy.


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