Charlie Cox anticipates his future as Daredevil in the MCU

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The actor, after reappearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home, anticipated that there are more plans for Daredevil in the MCU.

Brief but effective, the return of Charlie Cox as Daredevil (and his debut in the Cinematic Universe Marvel) He was on the podium of the moments with the greatest hype and shouts in the public during his participation in Spider-Man: No Way Manand. Despite the rumors and leaks that linked him to the film, everyone celebrated the return of the actor who left his mark with one of the best Marvel series to date.

But what will happen to the character from now on? At the moment there are more rumors than certainties, although now it was Cox himself who was able to give a little more precision about what we can expect from Daredevil in the short and medium term. Without revealing many details, the actor confirmed that we will see more of Matt Murdock in the MCU: “I know something. I don’t know much, but I know there will be something more.”

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With spider-man taking a break for a while from this universe, all the chips are placed in one of the upcoming MCU series that inhabit Disney+.

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