Catholic illustrators and designers are summoned to prepare a “gift” for Pope Francis

Jasjot Singh

The Juan Diego Network (JDN) platform launched a call for Catholic illustrators and designers who wish to join a “gift” that it is preparing for Pope Francis.

In a statement sent to ACI Prensa, JDN indicated that the “gift” that it is preparing for the Holy Father will be presented to the Vatican at the end of March, for which it wishes to “involve Catholic illustrators and designers from all over the world. world”.

The gift, he indicated, will be “a podcast with believers and non-believers,” and illustrators and designers are expected to contribute their talent to the arts of the project.

José Manuel de Urquidi, founder of JDN, recalled that “artists have been a fundamental part of the work of evangelization and catechesis of the Catholic Church since its inception and in Juan Diego Network we are constantly devising ways that this is not something of the past ”.

At JDN, he stressed, they strive to ensure “that this relationship of our faith with art and beauty continues today in the digital representations that millions of people constantly consume.”

José Manuel de Urquidi, also founder of the Virtual Catholic Symposium, indicated that “this is a great opportunity for Catholic illustrators and designers to come together and collaborate in a unique way on a project related to a great gift from Pope Francis that will continue to impact countless people”.

JDN indicated that in a first phase they will select nine artists who will contribute their gifts “in the creation of the main cover of the podcast.”

However, he continued, “as the project progresses, more than those who complete their registration will be invited to participate in the art that will be the covers of each of the episodes of the podcast that will be launched on March 27 of this year.”

The deadline for registration is March 6, and can be done through the link

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