Carmen Borrego’s beautiful declaration of love to her husband, José Carlos Bernal, for their nine years together

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Carmen Borrego and her husband, José Carlos Bernal, have a long love story that is now nine years old. The couple got married in 2014, but it was in 2013 that they started dating. The journalist has taken advantage of this special occasion to show the love and affection that she feels towards her husband and, therefore, she has made a very romantic publication on her social networks.

“Nine years of love!!! I love you my life!!”, Carmen Borrego has written, accompanying the brief text with a beautiful photograph of both posing together on a beach. The journalist has never been one to show her relationship very openly, keeping her away from the media spotlight, despite the great presence she has in front of the cameras as a result of her family.

The publication has received numerous congratulations for the nine years they celebrate as a couple, a very important date and that they will surely celebrate with a private party and in which some friends may attend. Friends like Kike Calleja, who has left a comment that shows the good relationship they maintain: “Many congratulations friends. Here’s to many more years! We love you. We will have to celebrate, right?”

Carmen Borrego and her husband, José Carlos, at the Hippodrome of La ZarzuelaCarmen Borrego and her husband, José Carlos, at the Hippodrome of La Zarzuela

Despite the fact that she has always left her relationship out of the spotlight, the journalist has always had good words for her husband: “What made me fall in love with him was his sense of humor, although sometimes he has some phrases… His sense of humor is what saves us on many occasions,” Carmen Borrego once said when asked about him.

Love at first sight

The journalist met her husband during the time she spent on Canal Sur, love arose there and in 2014, just a year after they started dating, they decided to celebrate a civil wedding. In addition, they maintain a beautiful relationship with the rest of Carmen Borrego’s family, something that could be seen in the reality show ‘Las Campos’, where she appeared, or in María Teresa Campos’ speech during the couple’s wedding.

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