Carlota Corredera uncovers the best kept secret of Chelo García-Cortés and Bárbara Rey’s ‘night of love’ in the ‘Deluxe’

Max Yurva

It all happened on November 18, 2011 on the set of ‘Sábado Deluxe’. Bárbara Rey attended, as on many other occasions, as a guest on the program to submit to the PoliDeluxe and Chelo García-Cortés, until then simply a great friend of hers, acted as a collaborator. What nobody expected then was that, that night, she would become part not only of the history of Telecinco, but of television itself due to the following words pronounced -and intoned, also of great relevance- by the vedette.

“One day we gave each other the word that whatever had happened between you and me would go to the grave with you and me. And it’s true, the polygraph doesn’t lie: you and me, Chelo, and I love you, and I’m very sorry that I did not like women because I would have been happier, we had a night [pausa dramática] of love”, said Sofía Cristo’s mother, unable to hold back her tears and drawing applause from the public and collaborators.

Well now, 11 years after that night, Carlota Corredera has uncovered one of the best kept secrets about that moment. She has done it during an interview on the podcast ‘Stretching the gum’, by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín, from Podium Podcast. The Galician wanted to thank both of them for the good time they had given Chelo García-Cortés when she participated in her program, considering it one of the best recognitions of her career: “I don’t think you have made anyone else happier in this life of what you have made Chelo happy with the recognition you gave her, with her place in the LGTB world”, admitted Corredera: “She is very used to receiving a lot of sticks in the program and suddenly feeling cared for, pampered and recognized, for her it was very important”.

“Chelo is going to find out now”

For this reason, the former presenter of ‘Sálvame’ wanted to thank him by discovering what was hidden behind the scenes of that iconic night. Carlota Corredera at that time had not yet made the leap to stand in front of the cameras and she only acted as director of the ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Sálvame Deluxe’ spaces, and that night she was at the controls. “I have to tell you, that was one of the most brutal nights I’ve ever experienced as a director,” she recalls.

But not only that, but in her role as director, nothing that happened there was out of her control, however spontaneous that confession by Bárbara Rey may have seemed: “Now Chelo is going to find out”, assuring that not even the collaborator knew this fact: “I did know what Bárbara was going to say, but Chelo didn’t. That day I betrayed Chelo in favor of the show and the story, but I have to tell you that I had agreed with Bárbara what I was going to say, not how I was going to say it, because only Bárbara Rey can do that,” he said of one of the most iconic and repeated moments in the history of the ‘Deluxe’.

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