Cardinal to 33 new Mexican priests: They are not “of the world” but of God

Jasjot Singh

On the first day of a historic weekend, the Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal José Francisco Robles Ortega, ordained 33 new priests at the Shrine of the Mexican Martyrs, reminding them that they do not serve the world, but God and His People .

At the ceremony, held at the Sanctuary of the Mexican Martyrs, in Guadalajara, Cardinal Robles Ortega assured the new priests that “the Holy Spirit chooses them today to watch over the flock. Whose herd? The flock that Jesus Christ deserved with His blood”.

“It is not even your flock, it is not even our flock, it is the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is entrusted to you as of today, by election and by the anointing of the Holy Spirit,” he specified.

Between June 4 and 5, the Archbishop of Guadalajara will ordain a total of 70 new Mexican priests.

The Mexican Cardinal indicated to the new priests that “they must never forget their origin”, because “the priest is a man who has been called, has been chosen from among men”.

“The priest is not an angel, he is not an alien, he is not a superior being, he does not belong to a strange caste. The priest is a man, chosen by God, taken on behalf of God from among his brothers, men. This must not be forgotten, ”he remarked.

The Cardinal warned that “when the priest forgets his origin” he establishes “a distance between himself and between the community he is destined to serve”.

By acting like this, he continued, “he usually sends a message: I am superior, I am more important, I am the one who must be recognized and the one who must be served.”

“And when the priest takes this attitude of superiority, of being above his brother men, the priest is involved in this evil that sadly affects the Church and affects many, in clericalism,” he said.

The Archbishop of Guadalajara then pointed out that priests are “to serve men in the things that belong to God, and that is what the people expect from a priest: a man of God, a man who speaks to them about God, a man who be the presence of God among them, to experience his love, to experience his mercy, to experience his salvation.”

In addition, he specified that “the priest is taken from among men and placed at the service of men, but not of the world. He not at the service of the world, not with the criteria of the world”.

The Cardinal warned that “the world can enter our hearts, minds, our person, our priesthood, and it can make the world its own and we forget that we belong to God, for the service of the brothers in the things that are of God.”

“The priesthood is exercised in the world, but without being of the world. The priesthood is exercised while being in the world, but without belonging to the world’s criteria and proposals”, he reiterated.

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