Can we do something about Kanye West? Maybe… nothing-

Max Yurva
    Can we do something about Kanye West?maybe... nothing

Kanye West In the decades since his debut as the brave young rapper on Chicago’s South Side, he’s revolutionized the way we think about music, fashion, and how both connect to hip-hop. And, no matter how you feel about West, his work has undoubtedly left a lasting imprint on the culture as we know it.

Unfortunately, West’s legacy has been twisted into turmoil, conflict and ambiguity in recent years, leaving even the most ardent Yeezy team supporters pondering a very difficult question: What should we do with Kanye?

Millions watch jeen-yuhs: A Horrible Story parallels the Kanye trilogy, a revealing Netflix documentary about West’s unusual origin story.

The surprises and inspiration we get from watching West speak in person about his success come to life baffles us as he destroys the reputation he has painstakingly built with his own hands, the messy post that Instagram posts let us experience in real time .

Can we do something about Kanye West?maybe… nothing

Kanye West

It’s hard to believe today’s Kanye West is the backpack-wearing genius of yesteryear, but controversy has always been the rapper’s livelihood. When West made his debut as a producer on Roc-A-Fella in 2000, he divided the industry. The newcomer’s unabashed confidence in himself and his musical abilities has both surprised and impressed the hip-hop world.

Even as a no-name producer on a record label, West is confident to the point of arrogance, knowing his destiny is to change the face of music, a prophecy that will come true with the release of critically acclaimed works like The Academy Dropouts, late registration, my beautiful dark twisted fantasies and 808 and heartbreak.

West’s ego developed as his star expanded; the more influential he was in hip-hop, the more he believed he was the most important person in the business. This arrogance both helped and hindered him, making West one of the richest and most respected characters in the game, but it also pushed him to think of himself as a god among mortals.

So, since when did we start snubbing Kanye? Who is the deciding factor, you ask? Some might be wary of his memorable VMA incident in 2009, when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s Video of the Year victory by claiming that Beyonce had “everyone” One of the best music videos”. (For all intents and purposes, he’s right; “single ladies” have the world in their hands.)

For others, making Kim Kardashian the first lady of the Yeezy team was his dogged push. His remaining supporters were eventually pushed aside by his stunning conservative turn and his collaboration with former US President Donald Trump.

Many of West’s fans, contemporaries and close friends were shocked to learn that he endorsed Trump in 2016 and appeared to endorse Trump’s racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and classist rhetoric. Despite both men’s inflated self-esteem, their unexpected connection feels counterintuitive.

How could the same man who accused former President George W. Bush of being indifferent to black people in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina worship Trump? Is Kanye the same Kanye who criticized capitalism in “The New Slave,” or the same Kanye who claims 400 years of slavery feels like a “choice” a few years later?

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