Camila Rojas: “The new generation of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ had to win over the public who already loved those from before”

*May contain spoilers for ‘Pasión de Gavilanes 2’

Camila Rojas has become one of the best-known faces of the moment as a result of her participation in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, forming part of the new generation of the famous telenovela. The actress wants to make herself known even more on the Spanish scene and seeks to set herself new challenges, something that she has already begun to do, since she has several works pending release that are going to give a lot to talk about.

Bekia: How has it been to be part of the cast of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’?

Camila Rojas: I must admit that I never expected it. ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ has come into my life as a great opportunity to show part of my talent because I not only like to act, I also like to dance and it has been the perfect opportunity to do the two things that I am most passionate about. Then being part of a cast with actors who have such a long history, who have been part of so many productions and who have even had the opportunity to work here in Spain, helps me to gain visibility in this country, which is where I want to start touch doors. I want to get into the industry in Spain and, by itself, Colombia has already opened many doors for me, and I am very grateful to have been part of this project that has generated so many things for me in a very short time.

B: Did you feel a little dizzy when facing this challenge? In the end you are part of the new generation.

CR: Totally. At first I was very nervous, before recording, because you join a cast that already has a large stature, that already marked a story, a very particular language that had already won over an audience. So we, the new generation, had to go in and win over that same public that already loved them. We had very high expectations and we had to go in to finish fulfilling them. On the way I think it went well for us, they were very generous with us. That also helped make the result amazing.

Camila Rojas in 'Passion of Gavilanes 2'Camila Rojas in ‘Passion of Gavilanes 2’

B: I would like you to give me an assessment of the success that ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ is having again, even more so when it is now going to come to Netflix.

CR: Personally, it has gone very well for me. Every day many people write to me, especially many people from Spain. I knew that it had had a great impact in Spain but I did not know the magnitude. One thing is that they tell you about it and another thing is that you live it. Most of the people who write to me are from Spain and they write me very nice things, that they want to be like Muriel, that they want their children to be named after Muriel. Imagine, it’s not out on Netflix yet, when it comes out and becomes even more global… I’m excited about that.

B: How do you think you are going to manage this great success that, as you say, is going to be worldwide?

CR: I consider myself a woman with my feet on the ground. I think I am very devoted to my audience, to my followers. For me they are the most important thing in an artist’s career and I really appreciate everything they do for me. It’s amazing the love they give you. For me, success is based on them. They are the most important thing, the key that one has and the love they give me, I can’t stop giving it back to them. The more successful, one has to continue preparing professionally, growing and not only in terms of workshops. I really like studying but when I’m on set I learn a lot from the greats, from those who have been in this for many years. I don’t just go to the set to do my job, I’m very observant and I see what works for me, where it’s right, wrong, what works for me. I am constantly looking for what I can bring for myself to continue improving. I never imagined working with many of the actors he has already worked with.

B: We are seeing that Muriel and Juan David are closer. Let us expect many conflicts and dangers between them?

CR: Yes, of course. They are the typical love story that everyone makes their lives impossible. Those stories from before where it was impossible for a couple to have the approval of the family. In this case Muriel has the support of her in-laws, but not the support of her parents. Very nice things are coming. In addition, I consider that this love story no longer exists in these times, now everything is more superficial, innocence, ingenuity, detailed, romantic love have already been lost and I think they are that love story that begins since they hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, a peck, then the kiss. Look, I have received comments that say that they are going very slowly, but suddenly thousands of people come to defend. Deep down, women like to keep pretending, falling in love, not just getting to know each other and going to bed.

The characters of Muriel and Rosario in 'Pasión de Gavilanes 2' |  InstagramThe characters of Muriel and Rosario in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes 2’ | Instagram

B: Muriel’s strength and character go beyond the screen. What does she have to face now apart from her mother Rosario de ella? Perhaps perhaps upon the arrival of her father?

CR: Yes, too. To Gunter, who is the one who works for his parents, to his father and some little things that cannot be said.

B: Would you say then that there is still much to learn about Muriel? Because at the end of her past only a few brushstrokes are known.

CR: Yes, I really like Muriel, who has many nuances. Muriel goes from being a rebellious girl to a girl who defends her rights, her goals, to a girl who, when her father arrives, also has to change her personality so that they don’t go over her, so that they don’t continue to handle her like a puppet. This girl grew up with many deficiencies, in a dysfunctional family. So she had to fix her own life, to know what is good, what is bad and I think she is a girl who, for all the shortcomings she has, knows what is good and what is bad and tries to use these things bad to be a better person.

B: With all the conflicts and now being next to Sara Elizondo, another arrival is missing, which is Franco’s. What could this mean for Muriel, Rosario and the relationship?

CR: Muriel hasn’t been told much about Franco. I think that many things have been covered up for Muriel and she naively thought about many stories that I, as Camila, know, but Muriel has to keep driving. Andrés told him one thing but he didn’t tell him everything. His mother paints it as a healthy love but she doesn’t tell him everything that happened, all the problems she had with Sarita, which also made their lives impossible in some way. Then Sarita doesn’t say much about it either, so she talks about Franco knowing that he is her mother’s love, but she doesn’t know that it was a conflict like the one she is having and for her Franco is the father of Andrés and Gabi but not everything is very clear. She doesn’t mean much to him so far because she doesn’t clearly know who Franco is in whose life.

B: Although there are more than half of the chapters left, could this second season be unique or could there be something more?

CR: I think it could be a season open to a third. Hopefully the public continues to welcome it and we can get a third season.

Muriel and Juan David in 'Pasión de Gavilanes 2'Muriel and Juan David in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes 2’

B: What ending would you like to give Muriel? Maybe a wedding?

CR: This is a very particular story. We are talking about the fact that she is having a love with whom she slept with her mother, so that has caused a lot of debate on social networks about why Muriel would be with him if she knows that she slept with her mother. How is she capable knowing that she was with both of them. There are the people who say they have to fight for her love. I, Camila, agree on some things and disagree on other things. It is somewhat complicated but in the end we are talking about a fiction. Today we are surrounded by many problems, many conflicts and we give up everything very easily.

In the love of Muriel and Juan David I do not rescue that he has slept with his mother because it is complicated. Imagine seeing mom every day thinking about it. But we also see that for him the circumstances were different and Muriel will be with Juan David as long as he shows her that he does want to be with her and that is the end of the day because that was before, they did not know each other, they did not know they were leaving to find and on that side I rescued him. I hope there is a happy ending of those that no longer exist to see something different, so that it is not the same as in modernity, in which almost everything comes to a break. I would like love to be able to do everything and, yes, why not, for them to get married.

B: You have many new projects, such as ‘El Galán’.

CR: I ‘catch’ a great streak. I’ve been in my career for nine years, I’ve never been short of work, but I consider myself a very lucky woman because what I’ve had since I started have been good characters, but since ‘El Galán’ I haven’t stopped in the sense that I’ve grabbed hold of very good productions, with an impressive international stature and with some characters… When I started they were main characters but the protagonist’s friend, the ‘pretty’ one, and I want to be a chameleon actress, I want to not always be ‘the pretty one’. Since ‘El Galán’ I have done it.

‘El Galán’ is a series in which a novel from the 70s that is no longer made is recreated. So it is a series where I have the opportunity to be the protagonist of these novels. It is the typical novel story that is the girl who falls in love with the rich man with her little dress, his little braids. It’s another personification, another tone, I had to learn how to act in novels at that time. Now everything is very natural and it was very difficult to return to that. I had to study a lot. In the second part I have to be ‘old’ and it’s super funny. It’s a great comedy.

Camila RojasCamila Rojas

After this I started recording the Jules Verne stories, which I’m in the second and third season. I play a warrior and you don’t know the costumes. Never in my life did I imagine being a Disney warrior, because it’s for Disney+. I am very athletic and I am very good at everything related to martial arts, I am a gymnast. It suits me like a glove.

B: Also in ‘Julio Verne’ you work with Oscar Jaenada.

CR: I saw him act and it was exquisite to see him. She thought that she was being very lucky because you learn when you are with all these people. you nourish yourself The guy was super nice, generous. That helps a lot.

B: Now you are visiting Spain. Are you receiving a lot of affection from the Spanish public?

CR: They have written me a lot that I run into them on the street, that they want photos. I never imagined that so many people in Spain would love me. I was dying to come to Spain.

B: Finally, what else would you like to achieve in the world of acting? What are your biggest aspirations?

CR: My short-term goal is to work in Spain. I would like to do many projects here, enter the industry, I find it very interesting, it calls my attention a lot. I love the projects they do, the direction. Every time I see a production here I like everything: the photography, the production, the direction and I would love to be there. It’s what I want in the short term. After that, of course I would like to touch the American industry and make characters of a woman with psychological problems, with things that lead me to challenge myself. I have many dreams yet to fulfill.

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