‘Camera Café: The Movie’ is not even close to ‘The Bad Guys’ and ‘The Batman’, which continue to reign at the box office


The Spanish box office has once again experienced a considerable decline, registering throughout the weekend of March 25 to 27 almost 100,000 fewer viewers than last week, with 596,069 tickets sold and total revenue falling below 4 million. euros (3.969 million to be exact), according to data from ComScore. This can be attributed to the absence of major premieres, which has allowed the current champions of the billboard to maintain their positions on the podium.

We are talking about ‘The Bad Guys’, ‘The Batman’ and ‘Uncharted’, which return to occupy the top three positions at the box office in that order, thus continuing their success after several weeks on the bill, as predicted.

The Universal Pictures animated film continues to sweep, with 1,299 million euros and an average of 3,523 euros per cinema, which represents only a 22% decrease compared to its premiere week. The new version of the Bat Man occupies second place with 778,828 euros in its fourth week on the bill and 2,271 euros on average per cinema, totaling 9.424 million so far. ‘Uncharted’, the first installment of the adaptation of the video game starring Tom Holland continues its great success in our country for the seventh consecutive week, with a decrease of only 14% and 383,000 euros more, which are regulated in a cumulative total of 11,214 million in Spain to date.

The only new release that we find in the top 10 is ‘Camera Café, the film’, which debuts in fourth place with 322,363 euros and an average of 1,001 euros per cinema, a discreet result that has not been enough to dethrone the three Hollywood films mentioned. It should be noted, however, that Spanish cinema has a good presence among the most watched in cinemas, with ‘Emperor Code’ and ‘Malnazidos’ in fifth and sixth place respectively, although they are not reaping spectacular figures. In its third week, ‘Malnazidos’ fell 34% with an additional 141,500 euros, adding a total of close to a million, which confirms that we are definitely not facing another blockbuster from Telecinco Cinema like ‘Operación Camarón’ or ‘Way Down’. ‘Emperor Code’ is more robust with 251,432 euros in its second week and a total of 689,480 euros, a good result for the thriller starring Luis Tosar.

Waiting for Morbius

At number 7 we find ‘Death on the Nile’. With €121,507 more to add to its €3.357 million total, the sequel directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh is proving to be a bigger hit than anticipated. Completing the top 10 is the Norwegian Oscar nominee for ‘The Worst Person in the World’, who enjoys a good reception with 105,675 euros, adding to a total of almost half a million. Two animated family films close the top, ‘¡Sing 2!’, which in its 14th week reaffirms itself as one of the most lasting successes of the year, with 73,680 euros more added to an impressive 9,409 million, and the surprise of ‘Ainbo, the Amazon warrior’, which has already exceeded one million euros in total after five weeks in theaters.

Below the top 10 positions, it is worth highlighting the entry of ‘Belle’ by Mamoru Hosoda in 11 with 64,172 euros in its first week, the presence of the Harry Potter Film Fest, which continues to give money to Warner Bros. being present in only 5 screens, and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, which is reluctant to leave theaters despite being already available in digital format, and appears at number 15 with 45,600 euros more in its bulky safe of 28,411 million in Spain . This Friday, April 1, arrives precisely the new movie from the arachnid universe of Sony and Marvel, ‘Morbius’, starring Jared Leto, which is called to readjust the top positions at the box office.

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