California Drivers Respond to the Costly Gas Prices in America

Subhashree Panda

On Thursday, the Chevron crop. gas depot in Los Angeles, California, the USA downtown on July 8, 2022. The average price of usual gasoline in California is just $4.308 and few gas stations are providing $6 per gallon.

Travelers of California halting in the most expensive gas station of America reacted to the increasing prices and public inflation clasping the US buyers.

The gas station in Mendocino ” Schlafer’s Auto Body & Repair” charges nearly $6.74 per gallon, which is named by the app GasBuddy that this station is highest in June. Whereas the average price is $4.39 for gas in California and the national standard price is $3.20. The people working in the gas station which is a 100-year-old independent station said that the station is required to accuse more prices.

Increasing Price of Food and Gasoline

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Moreover, the station has to buy $35,000 quantity in ten days and one employee said their volume is very poor. Further, he added, if the payment is not marked which is $4 per gallon then we can’t pay for that. Over the past years nationally the prices have risen to
5.3% and in August it was 0.3% according to the current Consumer Price Index Summary.
Similarly, food rises to 0.4%, and gasoline rises to 2.8%.

It’s very difficult for older people to afford said a woman. Moreover, people with fixed earnings can not waste money like this. The people who visit Mendocino for years after seeing this much rate of gasoline said, such a high price is not necessary, it’s crazy.

Bill Kemper is a retired citizen and lives in a rented house. For his life, these things matter the most, and his generation. He added, he worked hard like everyone at able to get retire but if the rate of gasoline will keep increasing like this, it will be very tough for the people of California and the nation as well.

Parents while interacting with us said this is too much and they have teenagers in their 20s and they find it difficult to go to the grocery store. For travelers, this is a hard time they have to move from one place to another and most of the money is spent on food and gas.

Few Think President Biden was to Accuse

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Kemper said, Biden, is wasting so much money like a drunk sailor. However, that does not count how much he wastes, he then prints extra money and taxes more of it. Hence, which causes more inflation.

Biden is making things messed up said another person. Whereas other people think that customer manners are the reason for this, half of the people think by shifting towards automobile vehicles or riding bicycles can be beneficial these days.

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