Blood Red Sky: Ending Explained! Is Nadja Alive or Dead?

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Blood Red Sky: Ending Explained! Is Nadja alive or dead? Keep reading and know the explanation of the ending! – “blood red sky”, is a German-American action-horror film. Directed by Peter Thorwarth and starring Roland Møller, Peri Baumeister, Chidi Ajufo and Alexander Scheer. Premiered in Netflix on July 23, 2021.

What is your synopsis? A woman with a strange disease travels with her young son to the United States, when a group of terrorists hijacks the flight, she reveals a monstrous secret to save his son.

⚠️Attention! SPOILERS AHEAD for Blood Red Sky!


The story starts with Nadja and her son Elijah, taking an overnight flight from Germany to New York, where the woman will receive treatment for her rare illness. Once they take off, a group of terrorists take control of the flight.

While trying to protect her son, Nadja is seriously injured by one of the criminals. And just when she was thought to be dead, she comes back to life revealing a dark secret and unleashing the monster inside her. If you have any questions about the end of blood red skywe explain everything to you!


When Nadja wakes up, her vampire nature makes her attack and kill one of the terrorists, from this moment the madness inside the plane is triggered, since the crew and passengers of the flight are bitten and begin to turn into vampires.

So we wonder how Nadja became a vampire. As it turns out, during a family car ride, Nadja and Elias’s father were attacked by a vampire, the man was killed and she survived the bitebut his life became hell, and for that reason he used so many medications.

Blood Red Sky Netflix
Najda does everything possible to control her instincts, but she knows that her son is in danger, so to protect him she begins to kill each of the criminals, and then changes the course of the plane with the help of Farid, a young apprentice pilot.

However, this is not enough, since the worst of criminals Nadja’s blood is injected and becomes a monstrous vampire, who intends to kill everyone. Although she tries to stop him, the vampire manages to escape and unleashes a terrible slaughter.

After an exciting confrontation, she manages to expose him to the sun and kills the sadistic character. Nadja is seriously injured, so Elias cuts off her hand and gives her blood to save her. Farid for his part, lands the plane and tries to convince the authorities that he is not a terrorist.


Is Nadja alive or dead? The plane is landed in Scotland, where the authorities do not listen to Elias’s warnings. As they enter the plane, Nadja and the other vampires kill the military. However, Elias manages to detonate a bomb, destroying the plane and preventing the vampires from escaping and wreaking havoc on the world.

The kidnappers used Farid to link the attack to a terrorist organization. For that reason the authorities believed that Farid was one of the attackers. But in the end, when the colonel sees that vampires weren’t the boy’s invention, he orders them to release him.

One question that comes up during the movie is, why did the hijackers seize the plane? Well, supposedly, the attack was planned to disrupt the economics of air transport. They sought to negatively impact the market and the airline’s stock.

In the last scene, Elias is instructed by his mother to fly the plane with her inside, even though her vampiric tendencies could make her resist attacks. Keep in mind that fire is deadly against vampires, so she’s probably dead. Similarly, she he had a hard time returning to his human form.

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