Bitalpha Review 2022: Give Trading Your Best Shot!

Max Yurva

There are a number of links that claim to be for the “official Bitalpha website;” which of them is accurate, and is this cryptocurrency trading bot fraud or not? We conducted an analysis of the BitAlphaAI trading platform. The name of this algorithmic trading platform seems to be spelled in a variety of ways, depending on whether or not it contains spaces: BitAlpha AI, BitAlphaAI, and so on.


Although cryptocurrency trading bots and specialized ‘Bitcoin robots’ are incredibly common internet, with Bitalpha rising the most now on social media, it is essential to exercise extreme caution because some trading robots are frauds and the vast majority are not regulated.


We have investigated the Bitalpha site in addition to the information that was gleaned from the customer reviews that were available online.


What is Bitalpha?

Even retail investors who just buy and hold frequently end up panic selling at a team losing when the economy recovers, or they don’t decide which altcoins to buy just at right times. This is because the majority of human traders are unsuccessful. Cryptocurrency exchanges frequently state that the approximate percentage is somewhere between 68 and 72 percent in a risk disclaimer. Bitcoin trading bots or other crypto trading robots make the claim that they may function as ‘robo advisers’ to assist traders in making more lucrative trades. Bitalpha is one of the most recent additions to the trading bot toolkit.


Unfortunately, Bitalpha does not make its auto trade program available to the general public for individuals who do not make a deposit. As a result, we were unable to validate its correctness and winrate. With just $50 required, this trading robot has one of the lowest minimum deposits accessible among those that trade automatically, and there is apparently also a demo account.


How Exactly Does The Bitalpha Function?

There is not much information available about how exactly Bitalpha works, other than the fact that it can identify ‘alpha’ in trading setups. The word alpha is identical to the word ‘edge,’ and it is frequently represented either by a Greek letter. According to the definition provided by Investopedia, trading alpha refers, in essence, to the capacity of a certain trading technique to outperform the market.


It is said that Bitalpha can identify alpha in Bitcoin price movements (PA) as well as that of other key assets. This cryptocurrency trading bot can be used on its own or connected with Meta Trader 4 (MT4) or MT5.


It seems to run at a higher level of sophistication compared to a few of the other automatic trading platforms that we’ve looked into.


Key Characteristics of the Bitalpha

Our Bitalpha analysts discovered that the following issues were frequently brought up in internet reviews and comments for Bitalpha:


A High Percentage Of Victories

The claimed win rate of the Bitalpha is 70 percent, which, if genuine and accurate, would be sufficient to time the market over the long run. However, it is not apparent whether this is an exaggeration or not. It may be a fraud, however, it sounds more credible than other trading robot sites.


Withdrawals Made Instantaneously

Bitalpha claims that its withdrawal timeframe is effectively instant, ranging from minutes to one hour and that withdrawals are refunded via the same mechanism that was used to make the initial deposit, i.e. the cryptocurrency commodity that was utilized. There is also the possibility to deposit funds and withdraw earnings using a Visa debit card or a bank account, although these methods require a little bit more time to process.


Materials Intended for Instruction

After making a deposit, users get access to a few courses provided by Bitalpha that teach them how to trade and explain how the platform functions.


Demo Trading Much like other cryptocurrency trading robots, Bitalpha provides a demo trading account. For more information on this topic, visit our comprehensive guide about demo trading accounts.


Trading During the Night

The cryptocurrency markets are open around the clock, whereas other financial markets may be closed on weekends; the Bitalpha robot is able to take advantage of this by being able to work autonomously at any time of the day or night.



Is the Bitalpha Platform a Hoax?

It is unclear whether the many favorable Bitalpha testimonials that can be found on the web on websites like Reddit, TrustPilot, as well as other fraud detection sites are genuine or sponsored marketing reviews. However, there are a lot of positive Bitalpha reviews online.


If you decide to invest with Bitalpha, you should consider making the minimum deposit and reading our assessments of other automated brokerage firms before getting started. Many bot programs are not regulated, and some of them have been proven to be scams.


We have also examined a remarkable cryptocurrency trading bot software that outperformed the bear market in cryptocurrencies in 2022 on eToro.


Tutorial on How to Make Use of the Bitalpha

The following is a list of the actions that need to be taken to start trading with Bitalpha:


Sign Up

Go to the Bitalpha site and fill out the registration form in its entirety. The form can be found on the right side of the screen.

Deposit Funds

In order to participate in the Bitalpha program, prospective participants must first make a minimum payment of $50. When creating a new user account, you have the option of funding it using bitcoin, credit/debit cards, or a wire transfer from your bank.


Demo Trading Prior to making a significant initial investment, novice traders may find it beneficial to gain experience through paper trading on the downloadable demo of the Bitalpha platform. This can be done before committing a significant sum of money.



Follow the instructions provided in the email or those provided by the support staff to select a trading market. Some examples of trading markets include BTC/USDT, ETH/BTC, and so on. Reportedly, the Bitalpha robot can employ either an automatic scanner to check the markets on its own, or the user can adopt a more hands-on strategy and alter its settings. Both of these options are available to the user.


The Bottom Line 

The promises made by Bitalpha in 2022, namely that it is able to trade numerous crypto coins including Bitcoin, have caused it to go popular on social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. However, only depositors are given access to the complete historical performance data, so you should take caution. We also recommend only investing the minimal amount of $50.


Also, there are other domain names for the Bit Alpha website, some of which are spelled differently (BitAlphaAI and BitAlpha AI), and all of which claim to provide an “updated link” for the current year. We strongly suggest that you use this link.


What does “Bitalpha” stand for?

Bitalpha asserts that it is a Robo adviser and crypto trading robot for Bitcoin and the major altcoins, despite the fact that it is a proprietary product with an API that is only made available to customers who have registered for it.


How many newcomers become members of Bitalpha?

In this article, we will walk you through the process of signing up for Bitalpha on the official website in a series of clear and concise steps. A few of your personal details as well as your acceptance of the terms & conditions are necessary.

Is there any truth to Bitalpha?

There are apparently many websites that are probable frauds involving Bitalpha, using wrong URLs; nevertheless, the link that we present in this article is the correct one. Despite the inclusion of the Bitalpha web address in our investigation, we were still unable to validate the assertions made by this automatic trading platform.


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