Bishops express “deep joy” for Argentine cardinal on his way to the altars

The Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) expressed “profound joy” and renewed its “fervent prayer” after the promulgation of the decree that recognized the heroic virtues of the Argentine Servant of God, Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio.

“It is a profound joy that such an important figure in the life of the Church, and who was part of this Episcopate, is proposed today as an example of Christian and priestly life and a source of inspiration for our pastoral charity of bishops and priests, through of the recognition that has been manifested of his life and testimony,” the bishops said in a statement issued on February 18.

They added that, “at the same time that we receive this news that fills us with joy, we renew our fervent prayer so that dear Cardinal Pironio can be beatified soon.”

“At the feet of the Virgin of Luján, we trust this moment that fills us with hope and that will undoubtedly be for the Glory of God and the good of our People,” the bishops concluded.

The Argentine Catholic Action joined the Argentine Church to celebrate the news with “immense joy”.

In a letter dated February 18, he pointed out that “the now venerable Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio, Father Eduardo, general adviser of Catholic Action in our country, in difficult years of the 70s, left a mark that still inspires us today. and invites us to live from our lay life, the deep commitment to the ‘mystery of missionary communion’, in the keys of the Second Vatican Council, from the spirituality of the cross, service, joy and hope, lived in normality of temporal life, in the outgoing Church, fraternal and caretaker of the poor and the common home that Pope Francis proposes to us”.

“His human warmth, his profound and at the same time simple writings, his smile that accompanies us from his stamp, the testimonies of those who were close to him and his writings, are constant inspiration and a source of permanent consultation for the discernment ‘of our time’. His legacy, an invitation to ‘pass the torch of hope’ to the youth he loved so much”, added Acción Católica Argentina.

Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio (1920-1998) was a member of the Roman Curia for two decades. He was brought to Rome in 1975 by Pope Paul VI and participated in the conclaves that elected John Paul I and John Paul II in 1978.

Pope Francis, known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio before becoming pope, has pointed out that Pironio was his friend when they both lived in Argentina. The future pope even heard Pironio’s confession at one point.

“I have known Pironio well since he was auxiliary bishop of La Plata. Whenever you talked to him… he would open up to you a panorama of holiness from his deep humility,” he said in a 2008 interview.

The figure of Cardinal Pironio was always highly appreciated by the Church in Argentina, due to his spirituality, his commitment and his affability hand in hand with a certain charisma and an outstanding ecclesial trajectory.

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