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Series about villains: The bad guys from Seriemaniac

Stockholm syndrome. The bad ones that we like the best.

Stockholm Syndrome: «Temporary psychological disorder that appears in the person who has been kidnapped and which consists of being understanding and benevolent with the behavior of the kidnappers and progressively identifying with their ideas, either during the kidnapping or after being released».

That’s what the definition says. However, in the seriemaniac world we go further, we go towards that special affection that awakens the series villains on the viewer.

For whatever reason or reason, there are some very bad bad guys that generate contradictory and attractive sensations in us.

Also, if you ask the actors and actresses, most of them will confess to feeling more satisfied having played the role of villain in a series or movie. The bad guys they have something special, they are full of nuances, of depth and they are the perpetrators of almost all the plots of a work.

the time of the good children is over

In this article about best villains of the seriesin addition to showing you our vilest preferences, we invite you to discover —if you haven’t already done so— these series through their iconic evil protagonists. What is the best bad guy in the series?

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The five villains of Víctor Mirete

Actress: Robin Wright

Series: House of cards

It is the Femme Fatale par excellence of politics. Although many think that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is the great protagonist of house of cards, she is the one who really wears the pants in the White House. It is she who from the shadow marks the path of all until she finally sits down in the armchair of the oval office. Claire has a devilish subtlety that acts as a magnet for the viewer and a wicked elegance that makes her irresistible. The seductive interpretation of Robin Wright converts to Claire Underwood in the best political villain of all time as far as fiction series are concerned.

Actor: James Gandolfini

Series: The Sopranos

Little can we say about the 21st century. The trigger for the third golden age of the series and one of the greatest bastions of HBO. Tony is a mobster but also a family man, a capo but also a father. Tony Soprano He is the boss of the fictional DiMeo crime family, and the key player in the entire series. The Sopranos would not be understood without Tony, without James Gandolfini. It’s hard not to like someone like that. You always want him on your team, you want him on your side, you want to work for him. He’s a leader who doesn’t need to brag, but what brings you closer to him is his personal existential crisis, where we discover his strength through his vulnerability and his greatness through his fears. He is a mobster, yes, but like everyone else, he has the codes for him.

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Actor: Michael Rosenbaum

Series: Smallville

He is one of the great villains of the DC comics, and probably the most iconic of the Superman saga. Despite being human, no one has made things so difficult for the red-cloaked Kryptonian hero. However, the famous series Smallville Y Michael Rosenbaum gave another vision lex luthor. They brought him closer not only to younger people, but to humanity that seemed to not have that character. In this series Lex was a mystical young millionaire who was looking for his place in the world, always under the yoke of his father and the world in which he had grown up. But what most united us with him was his friendship with Clark Kent. It was the true love story of Smallville.

Actor: Jeremy Strong

Series: Succession

The traumatized and unpredictable son of Logan Roy in Succession it is the cornerstone of a huge cast of actors and characters in which shining alone makes the whole shine even more. Kendall Roy masterfully performed by Jeremy Strong, he likes her for her innocent and calculating wickedness. He is a man with a heart and without scruples, something that can be extremely contradictory, but that is who he is and that is how we want him. Kendall gives us the greatest emotions and twists of the series and, together with his father, they keep alive the greatest tension and adrenaline in the world of finance in a television series.

Actor: Robin Lord Taylor

Series: Gotham

Or what is the same, The Penguin in the series Gotham. He is as endearing as he is psycho. Behind those complexes and traumas that his past and environment have attributed to him, there is a small hint of poetic justice in his actions that make him loved almost more than hated. He is one of the most iconic villains of the saga Batman and probably the most versatile and enriching of the Gotham series. Robin Lord Taylor is in charge of giving all the charisma and attractiveness to this character, with an eccentric and cartoonish interpretation that undoubtedly improves that of all his antagonists.

Bonus: the one I like the worst.

Actor: Anthony Starr

Series: Theboys

Look there are ruthless bad guys, but this one takes the cake. He has no trace of humanity in his actions or in his soul. It’s all perversion, perhaps the product of many things outside of him, but his idiosyncrasy is so fearsome and terrifying that it’s hard to see him dressed in blue and with a red cape. The patriot it is as indestructible as it is destructive. He is the worst of all the villains by far, in a series, TheBoys, in which everything is disgustingly dangerous. Antony Starr does probably some of the best acting work ever when it comes to TV villains, but he does it so extremely well, you can’t help but hate that character.

The five villains of Cristóbal Terrer

Actor: Cillian Murphy

Series: Peaky Blinders

A villain has never been as interesting as our head of the Shelby clan. A tribute now that the series has just aired the finale with its sixth and final season. At last, a role for Murphy to go down in history.

Actor: Charlie Hunnam

Series: Sons of Anarchy

Possibly the coolest villain in television history. Yes, I was one of those who bought a motorcycle just to watch the series. Also, like almost all our villains, with a background of a good person. Yes, let’s not fool ourselves, Jax Teller is bad, because he belongs to a biker club that deals drugs, weapons and commits all kinds of outrages.

Heisenberg (Walter White)

Actor: Bryan Cranston

Series: Breaking Bad

For many the best series of all time. Only a journey like the one Walter White undergoes could be told (and understood) in a wonderful television series. Never has a character had so many nuances and showed so clearly the reason for the attraction of the dark side.

Actor: Michael C Hall

Series: Dexter

Falling in love with a multiple murderer has only been achieved by a series like Dexter- Yes, it had its ups and downs and the last seasons are horrible, but we will always stick with the first four installments and with that new and interesting epilogue: Dexter New Blood.

Actor: Michael Chicklis

Series: The Shield

One of the best series in history could not be missing from this count. Yes, this guy is the head of a special police team, but his desire to end crime leads him to cross the dangerous line between good and evil. A series that everyone should see once in their life.

And for you, what are your favorite villains? leave us a comment to complete the list

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