Best NFT Alpha Groups on Discord


If you’re looking for an NFT alpha group to join, there are many options available. There are discord channels, Flower Girls, Aspen Labs, VeeFriends, and more. But how can you determine which one will provide you with the most value? How do you know which groups will be worth joining? Here are some ways to find the best NFT alpha groups. Read on to learn more.


If you want to find the best NFT Alpha groups on Discord, you can search for a few things. First, be sure to join at least one. These groups can be incredibly helpful for collecting information about NFT projects and tracking whitelist opportunities. Members of these groups communicate with each other on Discord and other channels. They share exclusive information about NFT projects, pitch decks, and track movements of big collectors.

Aspen Labs

The best NFT alpha groups will help you find whitelist opportunities, share information about NFT projects, and increase your profit margin. These groups communicate using Discord or Twitter to share exclusive information and insights. Aspen Labs has over 24,116 members in their Discord community, so you can find a similar group that shares your interests and helps you maximize your profits. You will be able to meet other like-minded individuals who are in the same boat as you and learn from them.


You’re interested in becoming a NFT creator, and you’ve probably heard a lot about the best NFT alpha groups out there. While there are many groups to join, you can find some of the best in the VeeFriends Discord. This group is over 160,000 members strong, well moderated, and has an active scam-alert channel. It’s also a great place to network with creators and find new projects.

Flower Girls

If you are looking for a way to make a profit with cryptocurrencies, consider Flower Girls. This project aims to create 10,000 limited edition flower girls made from 950 hand-drawn sketches. It is a way to promote women in technology and society. In addition to this, the project has committed to donating 20% of its profits to children’s charities. As of April, more than $400,000 of Flower Girls NFTs have been donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a client of Dolphin Entertainment.

Admit One

Admit One is an exclusive NFT alpha group that contains a community of thought leaders, Web3 enthusiasts, and builders. The community is diverse, dynamic, and close-knit. There are only 1,000 entry passes available for this group, and you can join any time. The benefits of this community are vast, including access to information about new NFT projects. However, you should be cautious before joining an alpha group.

Crypto Dads

Despite their names, Crypto Dads are the best NFT alpha groups, and their members are also the most active in the crypto community. Founded by Matt Dawson, he has over 100K subscribers and a private Discord group for Alpha members. Alpha members receive weekly calls, minting calls, buy and sell alerts, NFT calendars, portfolio trackers, and Whitelist Spot opportunities. You can start trading cryptocurrencies like a Pro by using Tesler App at URL


VeeCon 2022 will be the first ever NFT ticketed event, held for an audience of 10,255 VeeFriends Series 1 token holders. It will be the ultimate, live demonstration of NFT technology and the super “un-conference” of NFT enthusiasts. Among the speakers are Spike Lee, Steve Aoki, Beeple, GMoney, Kevin Smith, Lisa Leslie, and Deepak Chopra.


To help its members learn the ins and outs of the Rarible technology, the community has developed a Discord channel. The Discord server, which has more than 40,000 members, features open discussions, special guests, and other resources for new NFT users and developers. Among the channels available on the Discord server are #News and #Community-Help. The Discord channel also offers a curated market for NFTs.

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