Belén Esteban reappears after her operation to attend a review and publicly asks for respect

Max Yurva

Belén Esteban is not going through her best moment since she suffered a most complicated mishap in ‘Sálvame’ for which she had to undergo surgery. The collaborator hung from a bar next to Lydia Lozano doing a test that imitated those of ‘Survivors’, with such a bad leg that she slipped and fell to the ground, putting her leg wrong and breaking her tibia and fibula.

The collaborator had to be taken urgently to the hospital and, although at first they told her that she did not have to operate, shortly after they confirmed that she did have to go through the operating room. As if this were not enough, the operation was delayed ten days because sores had appeared on her leg under the cast, so she had to heal before proceeding with the intervention.

Belén Esteban on the sofa |  InstagramBelén Esteban on the sofa | Instagram

Finally, Belén Esteban underwent surgery and her hospital stay was quite long. The pain was very strong and the collaborator’s state of mind was not the best. There is no doubt that it is not being easy for Paracuellos and now she has had to leave her home to go for a leg check a few days after being discharged.

Accompanied by her inseparable Miguel and appearing on networks

The collaborator had to go to the hospital by ambulance and lying on a stretcher. The images that ‘It’s already noon’ have made it clear that Belén Esteban is not for anyone, since she has covered her face again, this time with her hands, to avoid being captured by the cameras that were waiting for her at the doors of her house . It was first thing in the morning when she headed to the hospital and she did it together with her husband.

Miguel Marcos is by his wife’s side at all times, he is her tireless companion and her greatest support in this situation that has her so embarrassed. In addition, Miguel is an ambulance health technician, so handling stretchers and others is nothing new to him. It is clear that Belén Esteban is not having a good time but it is less and less until she sees the light again.

Belén Esteban and Miguel in the hospital |  InstagramBelén Esteban and Miguel in the hospital | Instagram

For the first time, Belén Esteban has spoken through social networks and has shared some photographs in which she appears in a wheelchair with her leg in plaster: “On April 25 I suffered a fall that caused a fracture of my tibia and fibula with displacement, they could not operate on me due to some blisters that came out due to the inflammation of the leg, they operated on me on May 6. The operation lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes and in the operation they had to place 2 plates and 20 screws”.

“I had 2 cures in the operating room because they had to sedate me. Today I went back to the doctor to have another cure done and fortunately everything is going very well. I want to thank the press, but please respect me when I have I have to leave my house to go to the doctor since I consider it unnecessary to be photographed or to be expected to answer reporters’ questions in my current state of health. I hope the press will not be bothered. From now on any news regarding my health, I will give it through my social networks. Thank you all very much for understanding me and supporting me in these hard times, “he concluded.

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