Asa Butterfield will melt your heart as a sweet game boy in ‘Choose or Die’

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If anyone knows how to play a lovable schmuck, it’s Asa Butterfield. That is, sex education The star takes his nerdiness to new heights choose or diethe new Netflix horror movie kicks off Friday, and it’s delightful.

If you thought you wanted to pinch those baby-faced cheeks, wait until you meet Isaac, Butterfield’s character Choose or die. Isaac is an adorable 20-something computer programmer who spends his days designing his perfect video game in a cluttered apartment. He makes no secret of his apparent fascination with his friend Kayla (played by Iola Evans), the inspiration for his video game character designs. Kayla playfully mocks Isaac’s retro taste in ’80s music, and Isaac less playfully promises Kayla a programming job once his game is picked.

Isaac stutters, fidges, and covers his face during his awkward flirting with Kayla, and you just want to wrap him in a blanket and promise to keep him safe. He’s a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world — especially the world of a creepy horror movie. Unfortunately, Kayla and Isaac’s fairytale romance is interrupted when Kayla discovers an obscure 80’s video game at Isaac’s place called Curs>r and decides to play it. It’s inevitably cursed, and Kayla and Isaac are drawn into a deadly game where they must “choose or die” between dire choices. C’est la vie et al.

But even as he feared for his own life, Butterfield couldn’t turn off the cute. When Kayla frankly asked Isaac whether the reason he helped her track down the game maker was “because you wanted to help me, or because you wanted to be with me,” he answered hopefully, like a pricked ear puppy: “Both?” Your heart is broken, just a little.

Choose or die.  (LR) Iola Evans as Kayla and Asa Butterfield as Issac
Photo: Netflix

Maybe gaming fan Isaac is the perfect role for Butterfield, since the 25-year-old actor is a sizable gaming fan himself.In an interview with screenwriter Simon Allen choose or die In the production notes, Allen recalled his and Toby Miggins’ first Zoom call with the actor.

“Toby and I had to get on the phone with Asa,” Allen said, “and it was pretty high stakes because we were told: ‘Look, he wants to talk to you, and if you find him, we’ll Green light for you. You’re kind of ready for the stadium. Then we fire up Zoom, and he’s got all this gaming stuff in the background, and he’s in a cool headset, and he’s sitting in his gaming chair. You’ll be Immediately thought, ‘Oh, he’s going to do this! He’s cute, really cute.'”

In the same interview, Butterfield confirmed that he was, in fact, a big nerd. “I’ve been playing games my whole life,” sex education said the star. “I got my first console when I was about six. I had a GameCube. And I played some old ones. My uncle had a whole collection like Mega Drive, Atari, Dreamcast, so when I saw When this 8-bit system, they would choose [in Choose or Die], I was like, ‘Well, this is believable. This makes sense. ‘”

As for his character, Butterfield affectionately describes Isaac’s pure gamer boy attitude: “He’s kind of a Marty McFly energy. I mean, even when he’s talking about this damned video game, he’s also excited about it and the prospect, not the reality. He has a slightly rosy view of it until it gets scarier.”

Of course – minor spoiler warning – things aren’t quite over for poor, innocent Isaac. You probably don’t want to get too attached.Fortunately, you can always see Butterfield as a slightly less naive but less lovable nerd sex education, has been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix. Beyond that, we feel like there will be more lovable, goofy characters in Butterfield’s future​​. He’s so good at it.

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