Are you interested in art and looking to renew your spiritual life? Is this course for you

Jasjot Singh

The Catholic apostolic resource portal Catholic Link launched a new virtual course that seeks to help awaken and renew spiritual life through art.

Catholic Link pointed out that its new course entitled “Art and Spirituality: Keys to awakening the spiritual gaze through artistic contemplation” seeks to bring people closer to their Catholic faith and deepen their relationship with God.

The portal pointed out that at present, the world is characterized by relativism, where “many say that the beautiful and the ugly do not exist” and therefore, “apparently any composition can be considered art.”

In contrast, he explained that it is possible to speak of beauty and that works of art challenge and lead to “search for true beauty: the face of God,” he stressed.

“Art is a beautiful medium that helps us educate the gaze, not only human, but also spiritual,” to “recognize Christ who walks by our side, and an open heart to discern what he wants to convey to us,” he added. .

The course will be taught by Angeles Conde Pons, an expert Spanish theologian and consecrated to God in Regnum Christi since 1987, for whom the understanding of artistic language is crucial in this time marked by virtuality and communication through images.

Ángeles Conde Pons is pursuing a doctorate in spiritual theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, and has a degree in Canon Law from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomás de Aquinas (Angelicum) in Rome and a degree in Spiritual Theology from the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, said Catholic Link.

He is also a teacher of spiritual theology of the Christian East and dedicates a large part of his time to preaching spiritual exercises, retreats and spirituality courses and to the ministry of accompaniment, he added.

“All human knowledge enters through images and the senses […] God also wanted to do it that way, that his Son became incarnate,” Conde said in a video and explained that the course will teach “the language” by which Christ “wants to be present in our lives” and that perhaps we do not understand.

“There are symbols that are sometimes unknown to us and that have come through the Bible and liturgical art, the art of the Church,” he said. We want to “develop a spiritual gaze so that seeing those symbols and images we recognize God,” she added.

“We want to develop a spiritual gaze so that (…) that God who is there, we recognize him, our eyes are opened, we understand his language and we can grow in that relationship with him, as children, brothers, friends,” he concluded.

The course is divided into 4 pre-recorded modules, where topics such as: “the faculties with which we ‘see’ -imagination and memory-; beauty, symbols and liturgical art; the awakening of the spiritual gaze; the Bible and everyday life; recognize Jesus in ordinary life; discover the presence of Christ in the Church; what the Church tells us through images; liturgical art and discernment; and much more”, explained the portal.

Those registered will have unlimited access to the modules “at the time that is most convenient for them” and “will be able to complete questionnaires that will evaluate what they have learned,” he said. Likewise, “they will receive a certificate of participation issued by the Juan Pablo II University of Costa Rica.”

The price of the course is 35 US dollars for the 3 sessions, but until April 22 you can access the promotion of 28 dollars per session, with a 20% discount.

Those interested in accessing the course can click HERE.

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