Are Mimi and Don Morris still married?bling empire update

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After more than a year of hiatus, Bling Empire is finally back on screen with a sophomore; and this time, it’s bigger, better, and neater than ever. After all, it gives us an insight into the lives of wealthy Asian-Americans around Los Angeles who go all out for fancy parties and extravagant accessories. Among them are married couple Mini and Don Morris, who have truly won our hearts for being richly eccentric and rich – so now, let’s find out the details of their current status, shall we?

Mimi and Don’s Shining Empire Tour

While we don’t know much about Mimi and Don’s first encounter, let alone how/when they chose to start their romantic relationship, we do know that things weren’t always so bright for the former. Not only did she have to flee her home country of Vietnam as a child because of the war, but in America she ended up having to deal with the stigma of divorce, work, single motherhood in her early 30s. However, just then, Tang, a super-successful entrepreneur 22 years her senior, suddenly appears, turning her whole world upside down and everything for the better.

Despite their rapidly evolving chemistry, understanding and relationship, Mimi doesn’t want to marry Don, but it has nothing to do with their age or background differences. “I think most people think I’m forcing Don to marry me, but no, I [wasn’t]…I’ve been divorced once, so I [didn’t] Wanted to make the same mistake again, but Don really wanted to. He was pushing me, “Can you marry me?” every day. So, he finally persuaded me to say yes,” They promised each other forever in early July 2011, after living together for nearly a decade.

Since then, the couple has managed to hit the highs (while being aware of the lows) as they make their partner their rocker every step of the way. In September 2013, Mimi and Don welcomed their only child, Skyler; built a home in Newport Beach for their family, including Mimi’s children in her former union; they often compromised for love. If we’re being honest, though, it’s usually Don who folds, as evidenced by the show where he eats healthy and agrees to sit on the toilet at his wife’s request.

Are Mimi and Tang still married?

certainly! To this day, Mimi and Don Morris are not only happily married, but their relationship seems to be stronger than ever, especially with the latter doing his best to constantly show that he cares. Since she is undoubtedly the most important person in his life, he honestly seems to follow the “happy wife, happy life” mantra wholeheartedly – he understands that most of her nagging is for his happiness. However, the best part of their relationship, at least in our opinion, is their undeniable support for each other, whether it be in business ventures, charities or parties.

Don is currently not active on social media, but Mimi never shy away from showing off their love and experiences whenever she gets the chance. From Valentine’s Day to birthday wishes, anniversaries to family vacations, she proudly shares a post for every occasion that’s special and not special. “Our love is like a river that flows into the sea and becomes inexhaustible,” Mimi once wrote for her husband, who she called “my world,” “my everything,” and “my vajra.” More over the years.

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