Are Alan Gore and Candy Montgomery having an affair?

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Hulu’s “Candy” delves into the story of Betty Gore’s murder and its surprising perpetrators. Set in suburban Texas in the 1980s, the miniseries tells the story of Candy Montgomery’s unexpected murder of her friend Betty. The motivation and finer details remain a mystery that is slowly being unraveled.

Candy seems to have a lot of secrets, and it sometimes feels like Betty’s husband Alan has some too. The show offers a playful portrayal of the complex dynamics of a seemingly peaceful suburban town. Given the real-life inspiration for the series, let’s see if Alan Gore and Candy Montgomery are actually having an affair.

Are Alan Gore and Candy Montgomery having an affair?

As depicted on the show, Alan Gore and Candice “Candy” Montgomery did have an affair. The two met at a church volleyball game in 1978, when they played for the same ball. Soon a habit of slight flirting developed between the two, and Candy decided to push it further. At the time, she was married to Pat and lived at home with their two children. Alan lives with his wife Betty and their young daughter. They then had another daughter, who was a baby when Betty was killed.

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In Jim Atkinson and John Bloom’s Evidence of Love: A True Story of Suburban Passion and Death, the authors claim Candy revealed to a friend that her life with her husband Pat was very boring. Meanwhile, Ellen and Betty are pregnant, which seems to make their romantic life unremarkable, especially for Ellen. Candy reportedly approached Ellen sometime in late 1978 and revealed that she was interested in having an affair with him.

Allen didn’t give much thought to the prospect, but then did. What followed was weeks of weighing the pros and cons, and most importantly, the risk of having an affair. Alan and Candy talk a lot on the phone, usually while the former is working. Neither wants to get involved in the relationship, destroy the marriage, or hurt the feelings of their respective spouses. However, they also want to continue this.

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Before their first meeting, both Allen and Candy developed a list of rules and logistical guidelines. The whole thing was carefully planned, including ground rules, which included any unexpected situations in which any of them wanted to end an affair or develop an emotional attachment. It was also agreed that they would only meet on weekdays and that all expenses (food, motel rooms, etc.) would be split equally. The start date of their romance was set for December 12, 1978.

They initially met at the Continental Motel on the highway not far from Allen’s office. However, after several encounters, they settled on the slightly cheaper Como Motel, where they meet every two weeks. The relationship lasted for the first few months of 1979. However, first it was Candy, then Allan. The former felt she was too attached to Alan, while the latter felt he should focus on his marriage and children.

After several secret meetings and discussions about ending the affair, Alan and Candy don’t seem to see each other anymore. The couple Ellen and Betty, and later Candy and Pat, attended “Marriage Encounters” to help their relationship run smoothly. During the investigation into Betty’s murder the following year (1980), Allen confided in detectives about his affair and said he stopped seeing Candy seven months earlier.

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