Archdiocese gives 6 reasons to collaborate in the collection of each Mass

Jasjot Singh

The Primate Archdiocese of Mexico shared through its social networks six important reasons to collaborate financially in the collection at each Mass in which the Catholic faithful participate.

The first reason, indicated the Archdiocese, is that collaborating in the collection “is sharing our goods with others.”

In addition, he stressed that the collection “is intended for the needs of the church.”

As a third reason, the Archdiocese of Mexico pointed out that the money raised at each Mass is also used “to help the poor in the community.”

The fourth point is that the collection “is done freely, according to the conscience of each one.”

The Archdiocese of Mexico later indicated that the collection “takes place at the time the bread and wine are presented.”

In this sense, the Archdiocese concluded by emphasizing that the collection of each Mass “is linked to the presentation of the gifts in the Eucharist.”

The instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, on how the Eucharist should be celebrated, points out in numeral 70 that “the offerings that the faithful usually present at Holy Mass, for the Eucharistic Liturgy, are not necessarily reduced to bread and wine to celebrate the Eucharist, but they can also include other gifts, which are offered by the faithful in the form of money or in another useful way for charity towards the poor”.

“However, the external gifts must always be a visible expression of the true gift that the Lord expects from us: a contrite heart and love for God and neighbor, for which we conform ourselves to the sacrifice of Christ, who gave himself himself for us”, specifies the document of the Catholic Church.

This, he continues, is due to the fact that “in the Eucharist shines, above all, the mystery of charity that Jesus Christ revealed at the Last Supper, washing the feet of the disciples”.

“However, to protect the dignity of the sacred Liturgy, it is appropriate that external offerings be presented in an appropriate manner. Therefore, the money, as well as other offerings for the poor, will be put in an opportune place, but outside the Eucharistic table”, he indicates.

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