Aramis Fuster attributes the dismissal of Paz Padilla: ‘Objective achieved. My black book works in my favor’

This same Wednesday, March 2, the magazine Lecturas published on the cover of its magazine the exclusive that had been resonating for some time through the corridors of Mediaset: Paz Padilla has been fired. The actress, who served as the presenter of ‘Sálvame’, had not reappeared on the set of the program since she starred in a row with Belén Esteban about the Covid-19 vaccines and the statements that Padilla herself had made during a direct on Instagram with Anne Igartiburu and María del Monte. At that time, married to being questioned, the Andalusian decided to leave the set not to return.

Hours after the news was published, it was the Mediaset group itself that sent the magazine itself a brief statement confirming the professional break with Paz Padilla and giving the following justification: “Mediaset España decided to terminate the current contract with Paz Padilla [un contrato de larga duración renovado en julio de 2021] after failing to fulfill her obligation as a presenter by having left the program ‘Sálvame’ an hour and a half before its end on January 20”.

Instead, there seems to be more behind the controversial dismissal of the presenter and this could also have been the work of Aramís Fuster herself. The highest world authority on occultism has been one of the first to react to the news through its social networks, assuring that “my black book has a memory.”

The one who was a ‘GH VIP’ contestant seems to have sworn to Paz Padilla since one day she visited the Telecinco afternoon program and decided to leave because of the treatment of the collaborators. Evidencing her physical deterioration, Aramis Fuster took her bag and left the set followed by a camera from the program as well as Paz Padilla and Kiko Hernández, who decided to say goodbye to her as a joke while they sang a saeta to her. Now, the Andalusian seems to have paid the consequences of that moment: “Singing me a saeta was not her best performance”, she boasts now. Let Kiko Herández prepare!

The low audience for ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, also a consequence of the black book

But the presenter seems not to be the only one who adds to Aramis Fuster’s ‘black book’, but many other members of the ‘Sálvame’ program seem to be keeping her company while waiting for what she deserves. Shortly before reacting to the dismissal of Paz Padilla, the television station also attributed the low audience that Telecinco is suffering with the premiere of ‘Pasión Gavilanes’: “My black book works tirelessly in my favor,” she says.

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