Apple TV series in February

Spoiler-free review of AppleTV’s Suspicious and Separation series

Apple TV February has started with two releases, with two dramatic series that remind us of the limited but stylish production of the firm.

Although the first of them suspects, of which we can already enjoy the first four episodes, ends up being a half-failed attempt to get us hooked on the kidnapping thriller again; the second, Separationgives us back our faith with ample guarantees in the apple channel.

Suspect Trailer

Enjoy the presence of great familiar faces (umma thurman and Noah Emmerich) and interesting interpretations of the not so well known, it has a flat design and an attractive and intrusive edition; but he lacks rhythm, hook and passion in what he proposes. In addition, there are certain aspects in the development that grind with each other.

It is as if the clumsiness and sophistication did not fully understand each other, leading to certain scenes that dismantle the setting and the initial intention of the project. Even so, its premise is divided little by little and efficiently into two focuses of interest that try to gradually lead the viewer towards the climatic finale of each episode.

The guilt of the suspects and the truth (Tell me the truth) of the reason for the kidnapping.

The script weaves these two aspects together in puzzle mode with the appearance of moving us to a more elaborate and effective conclusive purpose than it really ends up being. This time the ever-woven Apple is struggling to be convincing enough to be worth the effort.

Separation Trailer

‘Hello, my name is Mark S. and I have voluntarily chosen to undergo the procedure called Separation. I give my consent to separate the memories of my work life from those of my personal life’.

Who hasn’t wished they could do that every time they come in or out of work? Who has not used work as an escape route from their soporific personal life, or vice versa, without reaching any positive results? Lumon Industries has the solution for those problems, with the procedure Separation (severity).

Here, Apple TV it does display all its artistic and narrative resources. It balances with total efficiency and neatness the apparent comedy, paranoia, social criticism and science fiction. This series, far from being a pastiche of genres, reminds us of the best of each of them.

In addition, it has that measured and sophisticated design of the scene and visual psychology. His centered, angular and wide shots are immersive, suggestive, disturbing and tremendously expressive. Plus, he’s joined by terrific performances, led by the charismatic adam scott and the always great Patricia Arquette.

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If to all that we add that it is probably the best personal work as far as directing is concerned. ben stiller, along with Fugue in Dannemora, because we are left with a disturbing and interesting psychological drama that flows solidly towards the thriller. What happens down there?

His social criticism in these two episodes that we can already watch (every Friday another), resorts not only to subtle satire but also to an incisive development of the characters. They are the ones who expand the range of nuances, crossroads and moral dilemmas that the viewer will face.

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