Apple TV+ Separation Series

Separation: Everything you need to know about this new Apple TV + series

Release date: February 18 Platform: Apple TV +

In 2018, ben stiller surprised everyone with the Fugue at Dannemora series. One of the best productions of recent years in the television world. Accustomed to Stiller’s hooligan comedy (Zoolander, Night at the Museum) this rigorous, slow and intimate reflection on the American prison system surprised everyone. For this reason, we all await his new work with great expectations: the Separation series.

The Fuga en Dannemora series dazzled critics and audiences, the talent of ben stiller It was evidenced by the great performances of Benicio del Toro, Patricia Arquette (unrecognizable) and Paul Dano (who always suits the roles of deranged people, in fact we will see him in the next Batman as the villain Enigma).

It is true that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty already made it clear that Ben Stiller could leave the comic genre with some ease; His cinema is much more than bizarre characters and Jim Carrey-style gestures. Although the film lacked a bit of packaging and had a certain syrupy character – due to an excess of new age that sometimes felt heavy and out of place – the result was more than remarkable.

With this cover letter, AppleTV+ throw the Separation serieswhich opens on February 18 with the broadcast of its first two episodes.

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Forgive me for insisting: Apple TV + is the platform that is doing things best, along with the always solvent HBO. All his series have an unmistakable seal of quality, a recognizable style, always resulting in interesting productions, regardless of the theme or plot they have.

The Separation series (severity in English) is written and created by Dan Erickson through the Endeavor Content studio. ben stiller directs and produces with Nicky Weinstock and Jackie Cohn (executive producers) through Red Hour Productions, and Patricia Arquette and Adam Scott are both producers.

The cast stands out for its very reliable and well-known performers, as is the case with adam scott as main character (Big Little Lies, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Patricia Arquette, John Turturro or the very Christopher Walken.

Synopsis of the series Separation (Severance)

Mark Scout (Adam Scott) leads a team at Lumon Industries whose employees have undergone a surgical procedure that separates their memories between work and personal life.

This risky experiment in balancing work and life is thrown into question when Mark finds himself embroiled in a mystery that forces him to confront the true nature of his job…and himself.

A disturbing, complex thriller that reminds us of the wonderful Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (incomprehensibly Forget about me in its Spanish translation) by director Michael Gondry.

We will have to see what Apple has prepared for us…

Separation series trailer

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