Anabel Pantoja is excited in ‘Survivors 2022’ to learn that her father has been discharged from hospital

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The organization of ‘Survivors 2022’ informs Isabel Pantoja’s niece that her father has left the hospital, causing the contestant to cry.

Anabel Pantoja is excited in 'Survivors 2022' to learn that her father has been discharged from hospital

Jorge del Caz Martin

Jun 11, 2022

Anabel Pantoja decided to return to the beaches of Honduras as a contestant on ‘Survivors 2022’, after a year ago she left the reality show a few days after the adventure began, in order to clarify her ideas with Omar Sánchez, from whom she separated four months after saying ‘yes, I do’. However, this was not the only problem that the ‘Save me’ collaborator left in Spain, since her father’s health is increasingly fragile. Bernardo Pantoja has been hospitalized in Seville for weeks, which will undoubtedly also have taken away his daughter’s sleep in the long, dark Honduran nights.

Anabel listens carefully to her family's statement about her father's health |  Source: telecinco.esAnabel listens carefully to her family’s statement about her father’s health | Source:

After the organization communicated to Anabel Pantoja that her aunt had triumphed in her tour of Latin America, Jorge Javier Vázquez has once again addressed the contestant to give her news about her family. However, in this case they are directly related to his father. The presenter wanted to inform him that, with the approval of his relatives, he should know that his father had been discharged from the hospital and that he was fine. The news brought tears to Anabel, who automatically kissed the Jesus del Gran Poder medal that she has been tied to her wrist since she started “Survivors 2022”.

Anabel remembers her parents

After listening to the information that the presenter of “Survivors 2022” had to give, Anabel wanted to have a few words for her parents, Bernardo and Merchi. “Jorge, thank you for telling me this, because this is beyond me and I will continue for them, I told you at the beginning of the contest and I tell you now,” were the words with which the contestant wanted to show that she has her parents in mind , in addition to reaffirming again his desire to remain in Honduras and reach the final of the reality show. In the same way, she also had a few words for her companions from ‘Save me’ from her, after Jorge Javier confessed that she misses him on the Telecinco afternoon program.


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