Ana Rosa Quintana reappears in the Las Ventas bullring: ‘Starting to live again’

Max Yurva

Ana Rosa Quintana has become a surprise face in one of the bullfights in the Las Ventas bullring on the occasion of the San Isidro festivities. In this public appearance since she revealed that she had cancer through her television program, she has not come alone, because she has been accompanied by Cristina Tárrega, her partner and friend, enjoying the bulls from the alley of the laying 9.

Ana Rosa Quintana with Cristina Tárrega at Las Ventas in MadridAna Rosa Quintana with Cristina Tárrega at Las Ventas in Madrid

And in this appearance it has been possible to appreciate how good it looks, especially after only a few weeks have passed since it was operated on. She told reporters: “I’m fine, I’m great, thank you very much. I’m fine, starting life again. I think we’ve got over it, we’ll see,” she said. On the other hand, she has said that her return to television will be soon, although she has other things in mind: “For now, counting down the days to go on vacation.”

Ana Rosa Quintana also revealed: “I feel overwhelmed, excited and very grateful for the signs of affection received. All the companions on TV have been impressive. And I also joked about how well ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ works without her “Well, I don’t need to come back anymore” On the other hand, during this visit to Las Ventas, the presenter had the opportunity to greet José Ortega Cano, who doesn’t miss a San Isidro bullfight.

Ana Rosa Quintana greeting José Ortega Cano at the Las Ventas bullring in MadridAna Rosa Quintana greeting José Ortega Cano at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid

The journalist and the bullfighter chatted under the watchful eye of Cristina Tárrega, and even posed together before the cameras that were there. For this occasion she chose an animal print suit and wore her hair up, longer than it was the last time she was seen on television. It was on November 2, 2021 when Ana Rosa Quintana announced that she was temporarily withdrawing from ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ to face her recovery process after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The changes your life has experienced

From the moment she retired to recover, the presenter has changed her habits, with a much healthier life, focusing on good nutrition and exercise practices, such as yoga, which has become one of her great allies in this process in which he has had the unconditional support of his friends and family. From the television set of her program they have not stopped sending her encouragement, very attentive to her and wishing to have her back.

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