Ana Obregón reveals who her favorite political leader is: “He is the most prepared”

Max Yurva

Ana Obregón has granted an interview to Yo Dona in which she has made clear what her political preferences are, although at first she has expressed that she does not believe in politicians, saying: “It is a fight of egos, a fight for the chairs, a boxing ring. Nobody does anything for us”.

Ana Obregón in the presentation of the Chimes 2021Ana Obregón in the presentation of the Chimes 2021

“I’ve been working for 40 years, of which 20 have been to pay the Treasury because, as a Spaniard, I want to have a decent life, for my country to keep going,” she continued, adding: “And when all the parties, on one side and on the other, they dedicate themselves to stealing that money while Spain is going through a tremendous moment, with people who can barely pay for electricity… I can no longer have faith in the acronyms. In any case, in the people behind those acronyms”, has said.

The presenter has said that she has been asking since the Bells of 2020 for more money to be invested in cancer research, but she sees that the thing is not prospering: “But since it is the silent pandemic, they have not moved a single finger, because they are only interested in steal and the seat”. Likewise, she has said: “I had to take my son to the United States to receive a proton therapy treatment that did not exist here. And when Amancio Ortega invests in oncology machines, which by the way are very expensive, they mess with him”.

Ana Obregón at the official presentation of the Bells 2020Ana Obregón at the official presentation of the Bells 2020

“How can I not be outraged that the parties embezzle public money when there are people dying of cancer, like my son?” he said, a few words in which he spoke about his personal situation after his son Álex Lequio died in May 2020 due to cancer that was diagnosed in 2018.

The praises of Ana Obregón to Feijóo

The truth is that as the interview progressed, his speech has been changing, to such an extent that he has revealed who he agrees with the most, who is that person behind an acronym in which he believes: “The most prepared is Feijóo. I have that clear.” Her words have already begun to raise blisters on social networks, although many of the shared messages refer to the fact that they are not surprised that Ana Obregón is on the right, although supporting the leader of the Popular Party has made the ideology of she.

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