Ana María Aldón, located and discovered the reason for fleeing

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The presence of Ana María Aldón on the set of ‘Viva la vida’ was, possibly, more anticipated than ever after the striking call from her husband Ortega Cano to ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ making a request to his wife and daughter, Gloria Camila: “Let me live my life! Stop talking about me!” Some harsh words of which it was later discovered that the also former ‘Survivors 2020’ contestant had no record until she heard them on television despite being in the same house as the bullfighter and that this was taken as a new public rudeness by of the father of her child.

After this, it was Carmen Borrego who made it known through ‘Sálvame’ that Ana María Aldón had hit bottom emotionally after what had happened and that she was going to put land in the middle with her husband in the middle of all the problems. And despite the fact that Rosa Benito, supposedly close to the marriage, assured that the situation was totally the opposite, the designer actually decided to go to Rota to be with her family and have her support and affection in a complicated moment.

Ana María Aldón, caught traveling to El Rocío |  Photo: Telecinco.esAna María Aldón, caught traveling to El Rocío | Photo:

On the other hand, the concern began to increase when Ana María Aldón did not return to Madrid to go to her job in ‘Viva la vida’ and had not previously notified that she was going to be absent. In fact, she also did not answer calls from her team to talk to her, which left the program team even more worried. For this reason, they did not hesitate to put their journalistic machinery to work to gather information on her behalf, and they succeeded.

An anonymous informant sent José Antonio Avilés some images of Ana María Aldón leaving a gas station during her trip from Rota to El Rocío, where the celebrations are still going on. According to this person, she did not do it alone, but rather she was in the company of “that married couple who are the businessmen and friends with whom she promotes gazpachos.” Information that made one think that it could be a professional trip, although the way the collaborator behaved was still very worrying.

Coincidences of life, the team was also aware that Gloria Camila is also enjoying the El Rocío party, as she herself had shared on her social networks. A coincidence between a woman and the daughter of Ortega Cano in one of the worst moments between them when they find themselves more separated than ever. Instead, everything points to the fact that there will not be a meeting between them and that each one has gone to enjoy the celebration on her own. And Ana María may not even do that, since according to the aforementioned informant, the designer “looked bad”, so she could simply have gone to take refuge away from the hustle and bustle of Madrid.

Raquel Bollo gives the last hour

For her part, Raquel Bollo made public minutes later that she had spoken with someone close to Ana María Aldón and that they had let her know that she was “resting and avoiding contact” with almost everyone, which is why she was still disconnected. According to the also collaborator, Ortega Cano’s wife is alone in the company of “her son” of hers, so the right-hander would have stayed alone in Madrid. Bollo also wanted to make it clear that, despite what has been said, “there is no reason to worry”, ensuring that things would be calmer than it might seem.

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