An ex-partner of Ortega Cano sentences her surroundings: ‘He is very manipulated. It’s a piranha fish tank

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The fact that Ana María Aldón is going through one of her worst personal times and the rumors that she could end her marriage if Ortega Cano does not give her her place in the family has put both the bullfighter and the rest of the family in the point of view A complicated personal situation to which are also added the constant attacks of Rocío Carrasco in her documentary series, ‘In the name of Rocío’, whose confessions about the life of her mother do nothing but add fuel to the fire . Well, it seems that someone wanted to break a spear in favor of the right-hander, although her words about his surroundings have achieved the opposite.

‘Viva la vida’ has managed to speak with Irma Valderrábano, former partner of Ortega Cano. This was in charge of opening a dog training center on a farm that the bullfighter had in San Sebastián de los Reyes: “When he sold Yerbabuena he bought that farm in San Sebastián de los Reyes and he put the farm and we set up the center dog,” he explains on the other end of the phone.

A former partner of Ortega Cano assures that he is manipulated by his environment |  Photo: Telecinco.esA former partner of Ortega Cano assures that he is manipulated by his environment | Photo:

An association between the two that ended after two years: “The center is no longer on the farm because we can’t continue collaborating”, and, as he has learned, “the farm is seized or sold”. “He went out to bankruptcy due to late payments,” he explains, and he is aware that Ortega Cano did everything possible to solve this situation: “He did everything possible to resolve that economic problem with the Treasury.”

Point to Aniceto

A loss that also left a third injured, Gema, daughter of Ana María Aldón. She is living on that farm in a small prefabricated house that she had installed there. But as soon as the economic problems began, she had to leave there. Irma Valderrábano assures that overcoming that situation: “It has cost me to recover economically and psychologically,” she said without going into many more details, but she assures that nothing was Ortega Cano’s fault.

Aniceto, pointed out by a former partner of Ortega Cano |  Photo: Telecinco.esAniceto, pointed out by a former partner of Ortega Cano | Photo:

According to this, the bullfighter “is a very good person”, but he has a problem: “He is very manipulated”. Despite not wanting to name names, when he asks if it could be Ana María Aldón, he only has good words about her: “She’s a charm”, instead, as soon as Aniceto, Ortega Cano’s brother-in-law, is mentioned, things change . “He’s a piranha fish tank and the poor thing lets himself be influenced.” And it is that, according to this confidant, Aniceto would be the one who controls everything that Ortega Cano does, also his business: “It’s his undershirt,” he says of him before ending the call.

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