‘American Crime Story’ won’t be coming to Netflix

Max Yurva

anyone is waiting Impeachment: American Crime Story Unlucky to debut on Netflix. Due to a recent change in the licensing agreement between Disney and Netflix, the new season will not be available on the popular streaming service.

You may have noticed a major change in content on Netflix recently.First, Marvel Netflix shows were removed, followed by American Horror StoryIt looks like Disney is trying to collect all its valuable assets for the company’s own streaming service: Disney+ and Hulu.

if you are watching American Crime Story, you might be unhappy to note that the first two seasons were recently deleted. For that matter, the third and most recent season never appeared on Netflix, nor on any streaming service.

The third season of Ryan Murphy’s crime drama series chronicles President Bill Clinton’s turbulent times in the White House, most notably his romance with intern Monica Lewinsky. Clive Owen plays the president, while Beanie Feldstein plays Lewinsky, and Sarah Paulson joins the two as Lewinsky’s confidant (who eventually betrayed her) Linda Tripp.

Where to Play Impeachment: American Crime Story

On Thursday, Hulu announced Impeachment: American Crime Story Streaming will start soon. So if you’re watching on Netflix and want to continue, you need to subscribe to Hulu now.

TVLine says the tenth-episode season will begin airing on Hulu next week, specifically Monday, March 7. So at least you won’t have to wait too long to watch it on the service.

Interestingly, Impeach no stream anywhere During last year’s run (not even the next day American Horror Story) Thanks to a pre-licensing agreement between Netflix and 20th Century Fox, many fans may be happy they can finally hit Hulu next week to watch season three.

If you are looking for with American Crime Story on Netflix, shows and movies, such as​​​ invent anna, worth, comedy rules and Crown might appeal to you.

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