Amazon Prime Video Breaks Bad News About Grey’s Anatomy

Since 2017, Grey’s Anatomy became the target of a great dispute between the streamings in Brazil. Until that time, the series was exclusive to Netflix here, something that began to be threatened, after the announcement of Disney+. However, while the service did not arrive here, the rights began to acquire the rights.

In this way, both Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay received the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Even the series that was previously exclusive to Netflix, now has its seasons available exclusively on other services. And that left Netflix out of the competition, until it lost the production rights.

However, all is not rosy for Prime Video. After all, the service has revealed some pretty bitter news for subscribers about the series.

Prime Video has bad news about Grey’s Anatomy

Fans who use Amazon Prime Video to marathon seasons of Grey’s Anatomy will no longer have that possibility. The service announced that all 17 seasons of the series will only be available until 30th of September.

However, this is not just part of Prime Video. It turns out that originally, Grey’s Anatomy belongs to ABC, a channel owned by Disney. With this, the series will become a Star+ “original” and no other service will offer the series in Brazilian territory.

It is worth mentioning that the series also left the Globoplay catalog on September 17. In the same period, Star+ announced that the 18th season, – until then exclusive – will arrive on September 5th. Therefore, any fan who wants to marathon every season of the series from now on will have to turn to the service.

Meredith will appear less in new season

As the service launches the 18th season, the nineteenth year of the series will premiere in the next few days on TV. But, the series brought bad news for fans who watch the production, solely for Meredith. The character played by Ellen Pompeo, will have a reduced participation in the next year of the series.

According to some sources, Pompeo will appear in a reduced number of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. What is known is that it would only be eight episodes. That is, that would be less than half of the roughly 20 to 23 episodes the new year will have.

However, she will continue to produce the series and narrate every episode. According to TvLine, the exit appears to be temporary and will happen gradually. However, it is fully pegged to Pompeo’s new production for Hulu.

For his part, Pompeo responded to several questions regarding his reduced participation. To EW, the actress said if Grey’s Anatomy can live without your presence.

“Shonda [Rhimes] and I think – we’ll see. Trying to reinvent the show and continually trying to reinvent the show is the challenge right now, and listen, the show speaks to a lot of people, and young people love the show. He has inspired so many generations of healthcare professionals. So for young people, it’s really good content and we’re going to try to keep it for young people, not necessarily with me, but keeping it is beyond me.”

Grey’s Anatomy will end?

Image: Disclosure/ABC

For about 3 years, speculation has been swirling about a possible ending to the series. However, amid contract difficulties with Ellen Pompeo and the departures of several cast members, questions arise as to how long the series will remain on the rise.

Of course, Grey’s Anatomy it has a huge fan base and that keeps the ratings high. However, apparently, the series is running out of possibilities for where its plot can go. In addition, the absence of Ellen Pompeo, in the series, can generate a crush among the fans.

So, will you miss the series on Amazon Prime Video?

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