Afterparty Episode 7 Recap and Closing, Explained

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Episode 7 of “The Afterparty” is titled “Danner” and follows Tiffany Haddish’s eccentric detective character of the same name. The chapter begins with the stubborn detective in trouble, having just been informed by her partner that she has gotten out of Xavier’s murder case. Of course, Danner won’t give up easily, instead deflecting the situation by telling his own backstory.

There are some interesting revelations about some interesting developments in the detective’s past and present. Fans of the bumbling Aniq might want to get ready for their hero to go to jail. It’s not over, however, so let’s take a closer look at episode 7 of “The Afterparty” as we gear up for the season finale. Spoilers ahead.

Afterparty Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Detective Danner trying to appease Detective Culp, who remains suspicious of his boss. When asked why she went against the orders of her superiors and tried to solve the case herself, Danner claimed to know the man who was sent to replace her. Before Culp can interrupt, she begins to tell the story of her early years as a police officer and how she met Aldrin Germaine (the detective who was supposed to replace her).

Through extended flashbacks, we return to Danner’s days at the police academy. Her claims were proven correct because her classmate turned out to be the same Aldrin, who intended to replace her in Xavier’s murder. As the flashback continues, we see Danner tired out as a cop and Aldrin’s meteoric rise to become a detective.

The show stays true to its “story within a story” theme and follows young cop Danner as he tries to solve the murder Aldrin is investigating. Things seemed to be going well at first, with Danner even arresting a suspect. However, the suspects were proven innocent, which didn’t stop Aldrin from trying to prosecute them. Realizing that he only cares about himself, Danner hands over conflicting evidence and lets the suspect get away. Of course, it also made Danner herself an outcast in her jurisdiction.

Afterparty episode 7 finale: Has Detective Danner solved the case? What is a loose ending?

Back in the present, the detective ends her story, hinting at how important it is sometimes to allow suspects to benefit from suspicion. Still not convinced, Culp revealed that Aniq had been listening to their conversation. Danner looked around in exasperation to find the open door to the recording studio. Seemingly struck by inspiration, she exclaimed that she had solved the case, even as Culp watched in bewilderment. The episode ends quickly, with Zoe covering her little daughter’s ears and yelling at Brett in frustration.

So Dana really solved the case, or was it just another tactic to buy more time and get around Culp? While we don’t yet know the apparent connection that Danner made, it seems that detectives may have actually solved the case. A few hints tell us that she’s not bluffing, most notably because she pays particular attention to the studio door and seems to link it to Xavier’s murder. Around the same time, a quick scene shows a panicked Alnick (who thinks he’s been arrested) telling Zoe that he doesn’t understand when he (Alnick) himself is so close to the late celebrity’s bedroom , how could anyone kill Xavier.

So Aniq’s earlier hiding in the studio appears to be tied to the show’s central murder mystery. That’s exactly the connection Danner seems to crack, potentially leading her to the killer. The detective then also realized she had missed interviewing someone at the party, meaning that for the first time so far, Danner didn’t pick a suspect at random and actually had a theory about how the crime was carried out.

Of course, there are also loose ends, like the wig found next to Xavier’s body under his balcony, and the fact that Jennifer 2 is still apparently missing. However, the detective doesn’t seem to care too much about the little issues, and was last seen to unravel the main mystery.

Who hasn’t interviewed Detective Dana?

Of course, the party initially had a lot of people the detective didn’t interview, mostly focusing on Xavier’s closest childhood buddies and friends. The most famous guest who has not been interviewed so far is Jennifer 1, who may be questioned due to her late pregnancy. However, Danner may end up interviewing Jennifer in the next episode.

Given Danner’s confidence in solving the case, things could go badly for Jennifer 1. Interestingly, the only other person Danner hasn’t interviewed is Zoe and Brett’s youngest daughter. But there’s no way that young girl had anything to do with murder, could it?

Was Zoe’s daughter involved in Xavier’s murder?

The final scene of Episode 7 raises all kinds of questions about real people who may have been linked to Xavier’s death. While no charges against Zoe’s daughter have been revealed so far, it looks like the young girl may have accidentally caused the celebrity to fall off a balcony.

The fact that Zoe’s daughter showed up after Danner announced she had missed a suspect seemed to strongly suggest that the unsuspecting young girl might have some knowledge of the murder. It’s just that no one ever thought to question the kid who might actually have the answers everyone is looking for.

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