A person from Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay’s environment says that they have never separated

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Ezequiel Garay and Tamara Gorro, after six months apart, have made it known that they have given their marriage a second chance. It was the influencer who shared a very romantic black and white photo on her Instagram account, writing: “Better together”, and it was she who at the beginning of the year 2022 made it known that she was separating, although she did not know if it would be from definitive way.

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay shoppingTamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay shopping

After twelve years together they have thought about it well and that is why they have decided to continue, although that does not mean that everything will go well now, it is the wish of both. But it seems that things have not been like that, but in reality they never got to separate, something that a person from the couple’s environment has made known to ‘Save me’. This person has said: “I don’t understand anything, I’m from Ezequiel’s close circle, I’ve seen them together, I don’t understand this theater, I’ve met them many times, the relationship has been so normal. What I’ve seen are complicit gestures of a couple normal”.

In addition, he says that the rupture has been real: “The rupture has never existed, I have contact with them and I have never seen them distance themselves. We do not understand what has led them to do this because it does not coincide with reality, everything suggests that for a little attention.” Judging by these words, these people point out that the influencer could claim to be the protagonist of the headlines, yes, through social networks it has been possible to see that he has remained very present in his life, and more so because he is going through depression and It is one of your most important supports.

Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay at the 2019 Pride ParadeTamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay at the 2019 Pride Parade

The former television has had a very bad time, and perhaps her mental health problems have played a trick on her in her marriage, so she decided to take a little break until she has managed to clarify her ideas. The truth is that she has made it known that they have lived it very naturally, and that in reality her children have never realized that they had separated.

With the conditions with which they were married

After these words from a person from the marriage environment, Pipi Estrada has given new details of the moment in which the couple was formed and among them the conditions that were placed on their link by the ex-soccer player’s family: “Ezequiel is very naive The condition that Ezequiel Garay’s parents put on him to marry Tamara is the separation of property”, and it seems that it was so.

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