A Beginner’s Guide To NFT Terms To Know

Max Yurva

When we initially started researching NFT-related issues, one of the most intimidating aspects was the terminology used in the industry, even now in training resources. Each line we saw on the marketplaces such as Bitcoin Up Or Binance was too confusing to decipher therefore included Searching on google to make sure we understood the words. As just a result, we felt it would be useful to provide a brief dictionary of certain commonly heard NFT words, and expressions, including acronyms that seem to be important if you would like to continue the conversation.

Examine the NFT Glossary below to learn the definitions of some widely used NFT terms.

10k Project

A 10k project is indeed a compilation of ten thousand distinct NFT components.

This sort of NFT is reported to have been pioneered by the CryptoPunks catalog around 2017, and by several others falling into line ever then. But, it’s not like all sets contain precisely 10,000 characters, hence the phrase refers to this sort of gathering instead of the particular figure of characters.


Having ‘ape into’ anything implies that purchase anything irresponsibly, out of fear, with more budget compared to the investment amount, and/or without even doing your required thorough research. This is neither linked with Bored Ape Yacht Club nor most other ape-themed 10000 ventures.


If anyone burns the NFT, they are effectively destroying it. An NFT is taken out of the economy by transferring it over to a black hole location (an account controlled by no one), thereby eliminating it.


Delisting seems to be the process of removing or canceling an NFT’s selling list. It could occur once a copyrights suit is submitted to an NFT designer on the grounds that the drawings are too comparable to a famous media figure. Whenever this occurs, NFT owners are usually left with a lifeless retail marketplace for the whole selection, until the NFT is put on the market.


Paper Hands / Diamond Hands

The term “Diamond Hands,” created by one Redditor, alludes to somebody who possesses a strong risk appetite for extremely volatile investments. Diamond Hands never abandon their holdings in a haste, regardless of how rapidly the worth of the NFT rises or falls. Furthermore, Diamond Hands has a completely different meaning, relating to a tenacious trader who refuses to sell the NFT regardless of its declining worth. Paper Hands, comparatively (pardon the pun), is indeed the polar image of Diamond Hands. It makes reference to somebody who trades or flips their investments too quickly rather than retaining them for such a long period.

Floor Sweeping

Whenever anyone says “sweep the floor” inside the NFT world, it means to urge people of society to acquire more NFTs at the market level in order to increase the program’s worth.

Rug Pull

A “rug pull” is a situation similar to a fraud in which a group operating an apparently genuine NFT venture discards everything and manages to escape with clients’ assets.

The Gas War

The dreadful gas wars! Those are rather prevalent on Ethereum but mostly a new beginning for newbies. Whenever a famous NFT accumulation begins as well as 100,000 individuals competing for 10,000 NFTs, one must raise the gas cost as well as undercut everyone else for your deal to be successful. It is termed a gas war.


A computerized program or screenplay designed to carry out certain tasks. Bots were frequently employed to streamline trading operations, commence identification validation, grab inexpensive NFTs when they are posted, and so much more.


A fee-based link that enables tokens or uncontrolled content to be sent from one network to the other.

Doxxed / Doxed

Once an NFT group participant, developer, or designer’s name is publicized, recognized, or provable. When an NFT group gets doxed inside this NFT marketplace, it is typically a symbol of trust and openness for NFT buyers to assure they will not be defrauded by an unknown inventor.

The Dutch Auction

A betting strategy that takes into account all offers collected on a certain item until reaching at a specified rate that steadily declines at defined given times.


A phrase employed in games to describe the process through which users gain in-game items in return for their work and exertion.


A “whale” is somebody who possesses a huge amount of capital and can and may have previously participated in a greater NFT enterprise. Whales get a cult status among those who can utilize their buying and selling actions to predict the upcoming economic choices.

To Summarize

Because the NFT, as well as the cryptocurrency world, is rapidly evolving, existing terminology may fade as soon as initially appeared, or even new versions may emerge frequently. When that occurs, we’ll consider it as a hint that it is indeed necessary to refresh this listing.

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