How To Clean A Dry Erase Board

In past days, we always used blackboard in school or colleges, But in the modern world, there is another option that is dry erase board. Nowadays it is becoming an important part of our life because in office or school or colleges, it is using to do the work which is very helpful for us, and it is not dusty as like the blackboard and very easy to use where you need a marker and you just need to know how to clean the dry erase board and this is very problematic who don’t know how to remove it easily.

If you want to erase a mark that you have written on a dry erase board then You have to apply some tricks to erase the permanent marker from your board. Some household materials can help you out by erasing the mark from dry erase board. If you follow some of these tips then you can apply it easily and simply you can erase the mark from dry erase board and you can make the board new again. These tips you can follow from here and just requires some simple household products like cloth or soap or alcohol. Then You can write notes and presentation at any time very easily after you erase the marks from the board.

Here are some tips about how to clean the dry erase board and use it
for a long time:

1. Use a fresh erase marker to remove stains: You can use a new fresh erase

marker on the board. Permanent marker and pens can leave the permanent stain on the dry erase board. If you left dry erase markers mark for too long then it can be hard to remove the mark from the dry erase board. That’s why after completing your board work always try to erase the mark as quick as possible.

2. Wait for the erase marker to dry: If already there is any mark of erasing marker on
the board which is dried then you can simply remove it by using a fresh erase marker. Just you have to overwrite the mark again with fresh erase marker. After you use the erase marker on the stain of the marker wait for just a few moments and then rub the board with the help of dry erase board eraser or clothes to completely remove the stain. If the mark of the board was made by the permanent marker then probably you have to continue this process for several time to remove it completely.

3. Rub alcohol: You can also rub alcohol on the stain of the permanent mark on the board
to remove it easily. First, apply alcohol on a piece of sponge and rub it in the marks, the
alcohol will loosen up the old and dry inks from your board and it will come off easily in the time of rubbing. If a stain is old enough it may not come off easily. Try to drop some alcohol directly on the stain of the marker then rub the stain. It may take several times to completely remove the stain if it is too old.

4. Use toothpaste: You can also use some toothpaste on the marks to remove the marks
of the board, just you have to apply some toothpaste on the old marks of the dry erase board and it will be loosened from the board. Then rub gently to remove the mark completely.

5. Use spot remover: By using a spot remover on the dry erase board you can also
remove the stain easily. You have sprayed the spot remover on the stain directly and wait for some moments then use a rag to wipe the surface and remove the stains.

6. White vinegar: There is another way to remove the stain by using some vinegar with water. At first, you have to mix it and fill it in a spray bottle. Then spray the mix over the old ink stain and after that use a rag to erase off the mark.

7. Use baking soda: Make a paste of baking soda and water and after mixing it properly
apply the paste on the old ink stain. After that remove the mark by wiping it with a rag.
You can also use some other things like hand sanitizer, baby wipes, etc. Follow these tips to
remove an old stain or mark of a permanent marker from your dry erase board.

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