5 great Netflix shows this weekend: Heartstopper and the Russian Doll

Max Yurva

The weekend is here again, and Netflix is ​​here to provide you with great options for your weekend binge. The Netflix show list spans a wide variety of genres, and this weekend we have some great picks like the newly released Heart congestion.

Check out the titles on Netflix’s list of top 10 TV shows, including Anatomy of a Scandal, ultimatum, bridgeton, Why tie the knot?, Better call Saul There are a lot more.

Next week is huge for Netflix, the release of the long-awaited finale grace and frankiewhich is Netflix’s longest series ever, and Ozark. Don’t miss the documentary Farewell to the Ozarks This will also be released on April 29th.

The Best New Shows on Netflix April 23, 2022

Check out the best Netflix shows to watch this weekend.

Heartbeat Season 1

Netflix Original Teen LGBTQ+ Series heart block It has been released recently. This coming-of-age story is based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic and graphic novel.

The series follows a group of teenagers living in Kent, southern England, documenting their experiences in friendship, love, loyalty, coming out and mental health. Nick and Charlie attend the same school and form an unlikely friendship that leads them down an unimaginable path.

Russian Doll Season 2

It’s been a while since the new episode russian doll released. All seven episodes of Season 2 are now available. The collection was created by Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler.

The series is a comedy drama about game developer Nadia Vulvokov (Lyonne) who is stuck in a time loop. She dies repeatedly, only to start all over again at the same time at her 36th birthday party as she tries to figure out what’s going on. Then meets a man, Alan Zaviri (Charlie Barnett), who goes through the same thing in his own life events.

Van Helsing Season 5

The final season of the Syfy series Van Helsing Available now on Netflix.The show is based on the graphic novel series heisin And follow Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton), descendant of the famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

The series is a post-apocalyptic supernatural horror series that reimagines the story of vampire hunters. Vanessa comes back to life to lead the human survivors against “The Rise,” an event where vampires take over the world. She wakes up to discover that she has unique powers over vampires, making her their prime target.

Conversations with a Killer: The Tapes of John Wayne Gacy

the second term Conversation with the Killer The series focuses on new hitman John Wayne Gacy.limited documentaries Conversations with a Killer: The Tapes of John Wayne Gacy A three-part series following the first part focusing on Ted Bundy.

This clip looks at Gacy’s murder spree, which killed at least 33 people in the 1970s. Never heard of the audio clips he made in prison, interviews with people close to the case, and interviews with victims who survived the attack, an in-depth study of serial killers.

Marked Heart Season 1

marked heart is a Colombian TV series, newly released on Netflix.

Season 1 of this new romantic thriller series consists of 14 episodes about Simon, whose wife is murdered so her heart can be harvested and transplanted into a rich man’s wife. Set on revenge, Simon gets involved in the dangerous world of organ trafficking; at the same time, he falls in love with the woman who has his wife’s heart.

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