5 great Netflix shows this weekend: Bad Vegan, HR

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Happy weekend Netflix Life readers! It’s time to figure out how you’re going to get through this weekend’s downtime by binge-watching some great new Netflix shows.There are many news programs including Bad Vegans: Fame. Fraud. fugitive, Get you through the weekend.

There are several recurring shows that are definitely worth playing on Netflix’s top 10 TV shows list.See headers such as The good girl, the last kingdom, her fragments, the invention of Anna, and Love is blind Season 2.

This weekend is also a good time to catch up call a midwife, Because season 10 is set to hit theaters on March 21. Netflix also has several great movies to watch this weekend.

Netflix’s Best New ShowsMarch 19, 2022

We’re sharing the five best Netflix shows worth watching this weekend, starting with the hilarious new documentary below bad vegan.

Bad Vegans: A Framework. Fraud. fugitive.

in style tinder scammer and Tiger King, new limited series Bad Vegans: Fame. Fraud. fugitive. is a documentary about Sarma Melngailis, owner of New York’s popular Pure Food and Wine, a premier vegan restaurant.

Melngailis would be tricked by Shane Fox, aka Anthony Strangis. He makes outlandish promises to her as he filters money from her business and employees. They would eventually marry and steal over $2 million from the restaurant.

This one is so bizarre, you have to see it to believe it!

Afterlife with Tyler Henry

Another recently released documentary is Afterlife with Tyler Henry.

Henry is a Hollywood psychic who calls himself a psychic who helps people close after the loss of a loved one. Know from his E!reality series Hollywood MediaHenry has helped many A-list actors, including Jamie Pressley, Rebel Wilson and the Kardashians.

Is Henry the real medium? It depends on who you talk to. You will have to watch the series and decide for yourself. The first season had nine episodes and Henry used his talent to help others.

Human Resources

long awaited Big mouth Derivative series Human Resources Published on Netflix.The first question: do you want to watch Big mouth enjoy Human Resources• The quick answer is no.

Human Resources contains with Big mouth, But the series is a more grown-up workplace comedy. The series will feature hormonal monsters, depressive kittens, wizards of shame, and more creatures who help humans navigate life’s journey from adolescence to adulthood to old age.

Is it cake?

Another new bakery series, Is it cake? Just released on streaming. Fans of his genre can never get enough, so Netflix keeps delivering.

The series combines the meme craze “Is it a cake?” with a baking contest. The cakes created in this game are crazy. Bakers have to make cakes look exactly like everyday items like bowling balls, purses and sneakers. The judges then had to choose “is it real…or cake”. Contestants were whittled down to three who would then compete for the $50,000 grand prize.

Check out the trailer below to see the wild cakes this talented group of bakers came up with.

Krakow Monster

A new horror series has landed on Netflix. Krakow Monster, Polish horror film (original title Krakow monster), Season 1 was released this weekend. Made up of eight 45-minute episodes, this horror film is sure to delight fans of the paranormal.

The city of Krakow, one of the oldest cities in Poland, is occupied by ancient Slavic demons, who will be fought by a mysterious professor and a group of talented students. They join a newcomer haunted by their own past as they investigate paranormal phenomena and battle demons that threaten the city.

Which Netflix shows will you be watching this weekend? Share your picks in the comments!

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