40-Year-Old Mother Dies From Covid-19 After Strongly Opposing to the Vaccine

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According to an online store in the Daily Mail, an Escalon woman died of COVID-19 this week after she was seen posting messages which showed her protest against COVID-19 vaccines and masks.

Proud Anti-Vaxxer Mom of 4 Dies

According to the narrative, Kristen Lowery, the 40-year-old woman died on Sept. 15, leaving four school-aged children behind her. The woman’s story had been featured on several websites. Lowery appeared to be in good condition in Facebook posts where she boasted that she was “unmasked,” “unmuzzled,” and a free thinker.

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A sign on one of her posts stated that she was giving a “voice to the vaccination harmed.” Moreover, according to the Daily Mail, she was spotted at an anti-vaccine rally wearing a blouse that read “ex-vaxxer, I trusted them,” and “Never, ever again.”

Lowery’s sister, posted on Facebook earlier this month that Lowery was hospitalized with a life-threatening case of COVID pneumonia. Furthermore, Lowery’s fear about immunizations was explained by Amber Qualls, who was her close friend.

Lowery’s kid was harmed by a vaccine given to her when she was a baby, Qualls told a website on Tuesday. As a result, the daughter’s food intake continues to be an issue, according to Qualls. Qualls described her late friend as a wonderful, amazing individual who hated nobody and was devoted to God.

Kristen’s Social Media Posts Showed her Opposing Against the Vaccine

The late mother of 4 little children was “unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid,” according to the political borders on her Facebook images. However, Lowery’s Facebook page was suddenly set to private after her death, according to the Daily Mail.

Officials in Stanislaus and San Joaquin counties, where Lowery raised her children, have recommended individuals to receive COVID-19 vaccinations to protect themselves from serious disease or death.

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Regardless of immunization status, a Stanislaus County health directive requires people to wear masks in indoor populated areas. This week, the Stanislaus Health Services Agency is hosting a series of clinics for COVID-19 vaccination.

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