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Genius and madness always exist side by side. Isn’t that why it has recently become fashionable, if not to attribute some mental disorders to oneself, then to admit their presence. After all, quite recently such revelations would have been more repulsive than making a person a particular possessor of a delicate mental organization.

If in the West it is already almost unseemly not to have any mental or psychological problems, childhood complexes, not to be a victim of bullying, violence in the past, not to have addictions, in the domestic show business such recognition is if not rare, then certainly not a cause for hype. Shaky mental health is not a reason to be embarrassed and a visit to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist is the same as a visit to the family doctor – that is the main message of all these revelations. Too many bright stars have used illicit drugs to stimulate their talent, and most of these people have been severely punished for their vices. However, some have coped with the obsession with alcohol, drugs, pills, and gambling addiction. Even though these themes aren’t hopefully familiar to you (so if you for example enjoy gaming online casino, but aren’t a drug addict), this article could be quite interesting for you!


Lady Gaga

The eccentric singer was the first to openly declare her problems of this kind, however, no one saw anything unusual in this, because everyone is used to the fact that she always behaves defiantly originally. However, it was daring that Lady Gaga linked her anxiety disorders and depression to her dramatically increased popularity. At the time, she told fans that she had always thought of depression as just a bad mood and lethargy – that is, she simply did not take it seriously. In fact, everything turned out to be much more complicated, and therefore it is important to openly admit their problems.

According to the singer, it was her frankness that helped to overcome the problems before they took a protracted form and draw the attention of loved ones to themselves, to get their help and support.


Holly Berry

Holly’s mental problems began after she got married and had a baby. It would seem that the happiest period in their life became a real test for her, and very soon broke up and their marriage to actor Olivier Martinez, only aggravates her difficult situation. She had suicidal thoughts in her head and even tried to do it by locking herself in the garage and running the car engine.


It was the stressful situation that helped her to stop thinking negative thoughts; she imagined how upset her mother, who had invested so much in her, would be and realized she couldn’t bring her this kind of suffering. The suicidal ideation still haunts her, but she has learned to live with it and periodically sees specialists.


Mel Gibson

His rise was dizzying, two Oscar nominations, the image of a tough guy, millions of fans – all this instantly turned his life upside down. His popularity grew, and his image as the “saviour of the world” only played to his advantage. But around the same time, he began to be arrested for drunk driving, and then charged with domestic violence – it just overflowed the patience of fans, who no longer saw him as a good guy. This actually forced Mel Gibson to admit that he suffers from bipolar disorder


Robert Downey Jr.

It’s hard enough to be immune to drug temptations if your first acquaintance with pot occurs when you are six years old, and the guide to the world of vicious dreams becomes your father. Those were the first steps into the abyss for Robert Downey Jr. After meeting with marijuana in his adulthood, the actor has dabbled in every way cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Police reports, clinics, rehabilitation programs – Robert’s life has become a series of headlines in the tabloids. But what an upsurge the actor made after his fall! Now reborn from the ashes of a handsome man who receives multimillion-dollar royalties, stars in the highest-grossing franchise and enjoys family life. That’s what it means to stop in time.

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