‘365 Days: This One Day’ Finale Explained: Will Laura Die in ‘365 Days 2’?

Max Yurva

Warning: This article contains main content 365 days 2 spoiler. Read it at your own risk.

The sequel to Netflix’s controversial Polish thriller, 365 days, Now is streaming, and it’s more pornographic and problematic than ever.

365 days: this day, released on Netflix last week, picks up where the first film left off. Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) just married the man of her dreams, Massimo (Michele Morrone), but the marriage didn’t get off to a good start. What? !A marriage based on literal kidnapping no The foundation of healthy relationships? Shocked me. But don’t worry, instead of open and honest communication, the newlyweds had a bunch of kinky sex.

We know you’re probably not watching this movie for the plot, so if you don’t know what’s going on, there’s no need to worry. Policy makers are here to help you.continue reading 365 days: this day plot summary and 365 days: this day Explanation of the ending.

what is 365 days: this day about? 365 days 2 conspiracy:

Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) survives the tunnel attack at the end of the first film, but she loses her unborn baby. Massimo (Michelle Mulroney), her gang leader’s kidnapper-turned-fiancé, doesn’t know Laura was ever pregnant. The two got married and had a lot of sex during their honeymoon. The only person who knows that Laura has lost her baby is her friend Olga (Magdalena Lamparska), who has been busy lately having sex with Massimo’s colleague Domenico (Otar Saralidze).

After their honeymoon, Laura quickly grew bored with her housewife role, and Massimo stopped doing the mafia thing. Massimo insists that he keep her safe, but the relationship develops and Laura begins to flirt with the sexy gardener Nacho (Simona Suzina). When Laura walks into her husband to have sex with his ex, Anna, she leaves him to stay with Nacho. But she didn’t know that it wasn’t her husband who had sex with Anna…it was his twin brother! dong dong dong!

what is 365 days 2 end, explain?

Thinking Massimo is cheating on her, Ana begins an affair with Nacho. Long story short, it turns out that Nacho is the son of the mob boss Don Matos and one of Massimo’s rivals. Don Matos was the man who planned the tunnel attack at the end of the first movie, and now he, Ana and Massimo’s twin brothers are trying to force Massimo to hand over the family mafia business to his brother to make it easier for them control.

Nacho insists that despite lying about her identity, he does fall in love with Laura. When Massimo refuses to hand over the family business to his brother, the brother and Ana kidnap Laura. Nacho and Massimo team up to save her. In a dramatic slow-motion shootout, Ana shot Laura in the side, Nacho shot Ana in the chest, and Massimo shot his brother in the shoulder. Uninjured, Nacho looked as if he was about to shoot Massimo, but then dropped his gun and left. The movie holds Laura’s bloody corpse with Massimo.

Is Laura dead? 365 days 2?

Do not. While the end of the first film left audiences in suspense about whether Laura survived the tunnel attack, at the beginning of the sequel, we see her unharmed.Looks like the second movie has a similar stunt – although Laura’s fate is ambiguous, those who read the Blanca Lipinska series know she’ll make it through and come back 365 days 3.

there will be a 365 days 3 Movie?

yes! 365 days 3 Filmed at the same time as 365 Days 2, so there are more Laura and Massimo stories.Read more about what we know so far about the third 365 days The movie is here.

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