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Virginia Roberts’ Argues She Slept with Prince Andrew Three Times

Sources uncovered astounding insights regarding day Prince Andrew supposedly laid down with high school Virginia Roberts. An examination concerning the occasions of Walk 10, 2001, discovered Duke of York had booked evening home nail treatment. Princess Beatrice has ‘positively no memory’ of Pizza Express gathering father professed to have joined in.

Prince Andrew’s Pizza Express ‘justification’ is shredded after a stunner Day by day Mail examination. In the main portion of a select four-section arrangement, we can uncover amazing insights regarding the day he is claimed to have laid down with his adolescent sex informer Virginia Roberts.

She says she was dealt with London by the ruler’s paedophile companion Jeffrey Epstein when she was only 17. Our examination concerning the occasions of Walk 10, 2001, can uncover that. Princess Beatrice has ‘positively no memory’ of the Pizza Express birthday celebration her dad has professed to have joined in.

The family who facilitated the gathering affirmed Beatrice came yet can’t remember what occurred and whether the ruler was there. As indicated by a family journal, the Duke of York had booked a home nail treatment on the evening he says he dropped Beatrice, at that point matured 12, at the gathering in Woking.

Sources said the ruler had an ‘exceptionally ambiguous’ memory of holding up under a scaffold close to Pizza Express to gather his girl.

The Duchess of York

Prince Andrew
Source: Metro

A regal insurance official said to have been working that end of the week, and who could uphold his justification, has passed on. Maids on the job at the ruler’s home – Sunninghill Park, Ascot – ‘can’t recollect’ his developments toward the end of the week being referred to.

Concerns likewise arose over the exactness of Miss Roberts’ case that she went clubbing in London with Andrew that night and over her portrayal of a bath wherein she says they had intercourse. The Duchess of York was in the US elevating chinaware to take care of her tremendous individual obligations when Andrew is asserted to have slept with Miss Roberts.

Our requests have taken us from London to New York, Boston, Florida, the US Virgin Islands, South Africa and Australia. The arrangement will likewise analyze the exactness of some of Miss Roberts’ thrilling claims against the duke, which have hounded him for almost a long time since the Mail on Sunday distributed an image of the pair together.

It was purportedly taken in English socialite Miss Maxwell’s home on Walk 10, 2001. His American informer claims they engaged in sexual relations multiple times in all – right off the bat in London, at that point in New York lastly in the Caribbean. Andrew intensely denies her cases. The Prince’s uncommon Pizza Express explanation provoked disparagement around the globe last November.

Mexican Impasse

Prince Andrew
Source: Daily Mail

In the meeting with Emily Maitlis of Newsnight, Andrew denied engaging in sexual relations with Miss Roberts at Miss Maxwell’s home. He said it couldn’t have happened because he went through the day with his girl. At the point when inquired as to why he would recollect a supper at Pizza Express 18 years after the fact, he stated:

In June it was guaranteed that the Prince was in a ‘Mexican stalemate’ with US examiners. He was supposed to be ‘befuddled’ after he was blamed for declining to be met by the Epstein specialists. Companions said they were perplexed by claims Andrew would not help out the test – yet avoided denying it was valid.

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