New York: Car Bumps into Multiple People in a Protest, Many Injured, No Deaths


The Crowd and the Car 

A car went straight into a group of people who were protesting and hit almost a dozen of them. The incident took place in New York City’s Murray Hill on Friday somewhat around 4 in the afternoon.  The whole of the incident has been displayed in a live stream video. It shows a couple of protestors are walking across the third avenue, and then suddenly out of nowhere a BMW car bumps straight into the crowd striking people off.

A lot of protestors came into the way of the vehicle and got injured. The eyewitness told that hew brother was also protesting along there and suddenly the car came and hit him. He flew up seven feet and banged on the ground. The car was literally smacking people off. However, the number of injured people is unknown.

The BMW That Hit The Protestors
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Police’s Actions

Police reached the incident spot as soon as possible for aid. According to them, a lot of people have been injured but no one is dead. Everybody has been taken to the hospital for medical check-ups and treatments. Reportedly, no one is suffering from life-threatening injuries.

The cops said that the driver of the BMW was a woman and she managed to stay at the incident spot after creating such a blunder. It is still unclear that this incident was really an accident or was done on purpose.

Police have also taken one protestor in custody for defying governmental administration. The woman has also been taken into custody by the police.

The Protestors 

Around thirty to forty people were protesting in New York City against the detention of immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents. They were on a hunger strike and were peacefully demonstrating in support of detainees. Local people claim that the protest was a demonstration of Black Lives Matter.

The mob had spilled all over the street and suddenly the BMW ran onto them. Protestors claim that the woman who bumped them had done it on purpose. As she was trying to get some personal grudge out.

However, the police did not confirm this news. A protestor named Joey said that he knows the woman and she had driven on them intentionally. No further updates have been provided either of the injured people or the BMW driver.

The Protestors
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