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House Dem Backs Election Lawsuit and Asks Pelosi Po Sanction Lawmakers!

A House Democrat has queried Democratic Leadership to permit the Republicans and not seat incoming conservatives who are backing endeavors to reverse election results in favor of Donald Trump.

Bill Pascrell Requests

Bill Pascrell whose full name is William James Pascrell is an American politician and a US Representative for new jersey’s 9th congressional district. The petition came from Pascrell, who has been outspoken against the Republicans who are supporting Trump’s groundless allegations of voter fraud.

Bill also penned a letter to Nancy Pelosi, who is the House Speaker, and Zoe Lofgren, the chairwoman of the House Administration committee. In the letter, Bill contended to the 126 House Republicans who signed on to support the lawsuit.

The lawsuit pleads the Supreme Court to invalidate the election decision in several key States, yearning to overturn Biden’s win over Trump, were trying to demolish democracy and win the election.

Bill Pascrell

He also illustrated the provisions in the constitution highlighting that a person cannot serve in Congress if they have immersed in insurrection or rebellion against the constitution of the country.

Bill also asked the leaders to assess steps that they can take in holding Republicans liable. In the letter, he wrote, “Stated simply, main women who would act to break the United States government cannot serve as members of the Congress”.

He also claimed that these lawsuits are attempting to eradicate the public’s belief in the democratic system by invalidating the clear result of 2020 election results.

He added that these lawsuits are attacking the text and essence of the Constitution, which each member pledges to support and protect, and also disobeys the Rules of the House of Representatives, which explicitly restricts members from committing inappropriate acts that reflect wrongly on the chamber.

Pelosi Sends A Letter To House Democrats

However, it is uncertain for Pelosi and Lofgren to function against the Republicans who are engaged in the lawsuit. Pelosi sent a letter to the fellow House democrats, soon after the request made by Bill Pascrell. The letter denounced Republicans over the far-fetched action but did not mention anything about the efforts made to rebuke the lawmakers.

In the letter, Pelosi mentioned that the Republicans are degrading the constitution by their reckless and unsuccessful attack on the democracy which also threatens to seriously deteriorate public trust in the most spiritual democratic institutions and to set back the improvement on the serious challenges ahead.


The current President of the US, Joe Biden has passed up several chances to answer about a Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden, where he told reporters that he is proud of his son.

This week, Hunter Biden confirmed that prosecutors are examining his tax affairs. While also, the detectives are looking into some of his business dealings in China, as it was told to the Associated Press by a person who is aware of the topic.

Biden officials have refused to say when the president became familiar with the dilemma or answer any other questions. During an event in Wilmington on Friday, Biden was questioned by the reporters on this issue, where he simply answered back by saying,

“I am proud of my son”, before exiting by walking off the stage. Earlier in the day, Biden also didn’t respond when he was asked about the same predicament earlier by a reporter.

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