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Funeral Organised for Former Illinois State Senator, Martin Sandoval, Died from Covid-19 Complications

Martin Sandoval 

Former Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval died of Covid-19 on Saturday, December 5 around 10 am. He was admitted to the hospital due to COVIDcomplications. Friends, family, and mourners of Sandoval gathered at St. Philomena Church, at 4130 W. Cortland for his funeral services. Sandoval was 56 tears old at the time of his death.

On his death, his family released a statement saying that they lost the center of their family. They also said that Martin Sandoval was larger than life and had an enormous heart towards his family.

Furthermore, they said that they were proud of their legacy and will surely miss him. Martin Sandoval’s parents as well as his four siblings are also resting in peace. This statement was released by Sandoval’s wife, and his children Angie, Jenny, and Martin Jr.

Martin Sandoval

His Political Career 

Well, Sandoval’s political career had a rocky ending. It ended with a lot of controversies. He resigned from the Senator position in January this year, just a few days before he was found guilty of agreeing to act as a protector for Red Light Camera Company Safe speed.

Sandoval was accused of taking bribes thousands of dollars and also for cooperating with federal prosecutors in brushing off the corruption probe of Safe Speed. However, the company Safe Speed has not been charged with any fraud. Sandoval has taken $250,000 in total as bribes from five crimes in which $70,000 is in support of the red light camera industry.

He was charged with bribery, fraud, and issuing false statements. Later on, he surrendered and accepted his crimes for which he was ordered to 13 years in prison. However, this time period was cut short later.

Safe Speed Company 

The company admits that many of its workers have been associated with Federal investigations in the past. And they are regretful and guilty of owning such fraudsters in the company who give and take bribes. The company does not acknowledge or authorize any crime or fraud done by its employees.

SafeSpeed Company
Safespeed, LLC

However, they are thankful to the government for pointing out such people who are involved in corruption in their company. The company also claims that Sandoval misused his position as a Senator to benefit other employees of the firm.

Unfortunately, these names have not been revealed yet. The company claims that if anybody from their firm would have done any crime, then it is done without any knowledge or authorization. Former owner of the company Omar Maani has been charged with bribery earlier. But now he is cooperating with federal prosecutors.

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