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Around 23 People Arrested In Pro-Trump Rally In DC As Crowds Turn Wild

Washington- A huge crowd huddled in Freedom Plaza for supporting President Donald Trump and his baseless allegations of voter conspiracy in the recent Presidential elections of 2020. The people in the crowd were seen waving American flags and wore hats that had written, “Make America Great Again” on them.

Pro-Trump Rally

Crowds Became Unruly

There were videos posted on social media that showed a conflict between Trump supporters and opponents, where some people wore Pro-Trump apparel and attacked the bystanders. During one incident, a bystander took out a knife while arguing with Trump supporters. While in another event, police sprinkled pepper-spray on the people who were involved in the brawl.

Before the crowds turned vicious, the situation in Freedom Plaza was quite celebratory where speakers like Sebastian Gorka persuaded demonstrators to keep the pressure on state legislature as he contended that Trump had won the election. Soon, things started to get tense near the Black Lives Matter plaza, which is a few blocks away from the Freedom Plaza and not far from the White House.

A line was found by police with equipment to separate members of the “Proud Boys”, which is a far-right nationalist faction from the counter-protesters. The Proud Boys group analogized police and insisted on letting through themselves and trade expletives with the counter-protestors. Later in the evening, the scene became unruly and out of control.

A news source reported that four people were taken to the hospital who had stab wounds and 23 people were arrested, as told by the Metropolitan Police Department.

People Get Arrested

Throughout the country in Olympia Washington, police imprisoned one person following a shooting near several demonstrations that also included a group that wanted covid-19 limitations to be pushed. Another group was disputing President Donald Trump’s loss in the presidential election that was held last month, and the Black Lives Matter counter-protest.

More videos were posted on social media on a Saturday night, that showed debates among various groups and also reported far-right demonstrators that were seen burning a “Black Lives Matter” banner. According to the Washington Post, the turmoil still continued to escalate after the dusk, even after police segregated Proud Boys members from the counter-protesters.

Trump Tweets

On Saturday morning Trump, took it to his social media account to explain that he was unfamiliar with the event. He tweeted on Twitter that although he was unaware, he will still go to see them, which he did. Trump flew on Marine One on his way out of town for the Army-Navy football game that was being held in West Point, New York. His supporters cheered after seeing him.

Pro-Trump Rally

The crowd started to thin down by mid-afternoon. Despite a mask requirement set by Washington DC’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser, many protesters were glimpsed not wearing a mask. Although, Cindy Chafin, the protest’s organizer told the attendees to wash their hands, but still ridiculed other Covid-19 precautions such as social distancing and wearing a mask.

Pro-Trump Rally

The Washington DC rally was initially organized by Women of America First, a conservative group that also organized last month’s, Stop The Steal” rally, which attracted tens of thousands of people towards it. According to the group’s permit, around 15,000 people were anticipated to appear on Saturday.

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